Atletico Madrid fans took the streets of Liverpool

Atletico fans are already noticed in the streets of Liverpool. To the English city 2,800 rojiblancos followers have moved Eager to live a historic day. In the center of Liverpool, the Atlético anthem is heard and scarves and flags of the rojiblanco team are seen.

Coat of arms / Flag Liverpool

Many of the foreign clubs are already in Liverpool. The peñistas of Poland are seen in the city with masks of the members of the band of the House of Paper. Everyone walks through the main tourist spots in Liverpool. And clubs from many places gather, like the Sons of Atleti and those of Diablos Rojiblancos. Those of the rock of Scotland have not missed the appointment either.

Shield / Athletic Flag

Many local followers approach those of Atlético and wish them luck. They are from Everton and go with the Spanish team. The part of the city that belongs to Everton wants the Atleti to win. In that football does not know about places or countries. The fans of the Madrid team have stayed in a central square to go together to Anfield. 2,800 Atleti fans have put color in Liverpool and also want to be noticed in the stadium.