Atlético joins forces with penalties: four goals in three games

Atlético de Madrid have been reunited with penalty goals, Luckily, it didn't do too well during the season, but recently it did. In the last three games he has thrown four plus, has marked them all, although for some it has needed a repetition via VAR. Without a specialist shooter, it has helped him to score points.

The first was against Alavés, a fast boarding school to the right of Marcos Llorente, who fell as he approached the goal, running parallel to the baseline. It didn't seem necessary, but Melero López understood that there was. Diego Costa transformed it. The Spanish-Brazilian had already scored from eleven meters in October, against Valencia.

Athletic Shield / Flag

So as the main pitcher for Atleti, Costa caught the ball when Carrasco caused the first of the two penalties in favor that the team had thanks to the Belgian. In this case, Ter Stegen guessed the ram's intentions and stopped him. But the VAR warned: the goalkeeper had gone ahead and was not stepping on the line. The second time, Saul was the pitcher and scored. In the second half, Semedo brought down Carrasco and again the ilicitano, this time with suspense because Ter Stegen touched the ball, scored a goal.

This Friday Mallorca has arrived at the Wanda Metropolitano and, in the first half, Sedlar brought down Morata in the area. The '9' kicked it and Reina stopped it. But the VAR came in again, because a defender had entered the area prematurely. This time there was no change of pitcher and Morata scored with a powerful right hand 1-0 against Mallorca, who has 15 penalties against so far in the League, more than anyone.