Atlético 1×1: the changes and Llorente give the team another air

Atlético jumped onto the pitch with the idea of ​​forgetting the defeat against Bayern as soon as possible. Simeone gave alternatives in your starter kit forced by the accumulation of parties, but they did not work. Bad first half and especially loose first 20 minutes before the Betic pressure. Simeone changed the script at break, increasing the intensity of the team and giving entry to Herrera and Carrasco starting. At 20 seconds it had worked, with a goal from Llorente. Much better image in the second half, where there were multiple occasions to expand the result, although he ended up suffering until Suárez's sentence. The changes gave another face to the team.

Oblak: He had a lot of work early, with two interventions of merit at the quarter hour of meeting. The first, to a header from Carvalho, where the difficulty was to stop the ball without allowing a second option and the second with a powerful kick from Fekir that cleared well towards the band. Great intervention to avoid the goal in a one-on-one with Sanabria, where he took the shot with his leg. The Slovenian has conceded a goal in five league games.

Trippier: Keep accumulating minutes without a natural substitute in the first squad. And what happens perhaps for his most committed moment at Atlético in defense. The rival end looks for him and if in Munich it was Coman, against Betis it was Tello who put him in constant difficulties. He overcame him with pipes, autopasses, stationary dribbling … Alex Moreno also put him in trouble. In attack he shows his technical quality to control and look for the inside pass to the back of the wing, but he is not right to finish his shipments.

Savic: Very fast on the balls behind Trippier's back, although he suffered in the race with Tello. Strong in the lateral centers and strong to mark the rival forward with his back. Match without excessive work.

Felipe: It does not go through the peak in a way that could be seen last season. Still it is essential behind. He improved in the second half, going out of place to prevent the rival forward from turning and getting ahead of the attempted visitors in several plays.

Beautiful: New opportunity on the left side, where he does not feel more comfortable, but has had to adapt to be the protagonist. He had to dance with Fekir, one of the most talented footballers of the Verdiblanco team and who put him in difficulties, however he grew in the game. Betis pressed him with the ball, forcing him to raffle the ball on many occasions. In attack he had not appeared in the first half, but in the second he was uncovered, assisting Llorente in his goal and with a shot that forced Bravo to act. He left replaced with the work accomplished after going from less to more.

Torreira: Second start as rojiblanco in the league, forming a double pivot with Koke. He was attentive to collaborating with the center-backs and covering the side outs. In his great deficit, he made two very dangerous mistakes that ended up causing danger on Oblak's goal. Al Cholo must have given a microinfarction when he tried to dribble out in his area and lost the ball to Carvalho. He left replaced at rest to give entry to Herrera.

Koke: The captain continues to add minutes in the middle, lowering himself in the pressure to seek to raise the timid line of the team in the first minutes. He was the only one who sought to maintain possession and get the ball played in the first half, with four players too vertical ahead. When the ball passes through him, Atlético's attacks clear and accelerate. It leaves a lot of site, leaving the defensive responsibility in Torreira during the first half and in Herrera in the second. With the entry of the Mexican he had greater collaboration in the middle.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Belt: Right interior of departure, he looked for constant unmarking between the left center-back and his side. With the ball he could appear little, beyond to leave a pass behind to Luis Suárez that the Uruguayan could not define. Verticality, but few appearances with the ball until he was replaced by João Félix in a discreet match for the Argentine.

Lemar: Simeone still has faith in the Frenchman, but his performance doesn't make it easy for him. Committed losses, centers to no one and little participation that led him to leave replaced at rest to leave his space to Carrasco. He did try to help Hermoso defend himself, who was out of place. His situation remains compromised.

Llorente: Back in the lead, he maintained the good feelings that he had given at the end of last season. Vertical, he sought to lead the pressure in attack and make his classic play on the right wing reaching the baseline and centering. As he could not find a finisher on the right, he did it on the left, deceiving Bravo and making a real goal to open the scoring. Despite João's entry, he continued to play upstairs seeking to take advantage of the spaces left by the Betis defense. Fundamental back and forth work by the team. He broke down and was the key to victory.

Luis Suarez: He is not fine at all, although he continues to score goals. He had two clear in the first half and in both he finished too crossed. The first after Correa's back pass and the second very attentive to Carvalho's error, but he lacked a point of speed to get closer to Bravo. In the second he sought the goal with a left foot that did force Bravo to act, until in the discount he sentenced after opening Lodi on the wing and receiving from the Brazilian to pierce the net. Without Costa, there is no other tip that counts for Simeone in the squad, but physically he does not seem at his best. Still basic upstairs.

Changes at half time to give the team another air

Herrera: He entered through Torreira to give another rhythm to the center of the field and in the seconds he found himself in advantage on the scoreboard. About to make an extraordinary goal with a right hand from outside the area that crashed with the stick. He is growing in the team, with good minutes against Bayern and an important participation against Betis. He showed himself with the ball and worked hard on defense in a pivot position to which he is less used. He is winning the minutes.

Carrasco: Important appearance in the game, showing that he is a fundamental player in the team. He was able to score first with a left foot that was stopped by Bravo and then with a distant foul looking for the door before which the Chilean also acted. He caused the expulsion of Montoya with an uncheck for João's pass where he was already looking to stand in hand-to-hand. Yes, Bravo was measured in the second, but the goalkeeper won. He left replaced with muscular problems when it had been very important to change the face of the team.

João Félix: The Portuguese entered the right wing, keeping Llorente as Suarez's partner up. Always looking to get inside, he wanted to give the last pass on several occasions when he could appear in the three-quarter zone and thus the red was generated for Montoya. Extraordinary pass also to leave the Belgian hand in hand. It has a lot of quality in a team that needs light in the final meters.

I gave it: He entered to play the last 15 minutes to give depth on the wing with one more player. Although he had to suffer in a final arreón of Betis, he doubled Suárez in injury time and returned the ball for the Uruguayan to mark the sentence at will.

Vitolo: He had the last ten minutes in the place of the injured Carrasco. He collaborated with Lodi on the left wing and sought to arrive in danger.