Athletic's explanation for the controversy in the ‘One Club Woman’

The award of the Woman One Club Woman Award ’to Pia Wunderlich has raised a certain dust in Bilbao. The German developed between 1993 and 2009 her career in FFC Frankfurt, but in the previous two years he was a member of the TSV Battenberg, with whom he also played in the highest category of Germany. Although he was youthful and the Athletic.

“European, world, Basque and local women's football is proud of the recognition of the Athletic toward Pia Wunderlich. The applause of the footballers has been unanimous, they know perfectly well who is a ‘One Club Woman’. We have more doubts, but they know the effort and professional career of Pia“He assured Elizegi at a press conference. He completed “an impeccable professional career in a club” and the Athletic “You have to shake your hand.”

The president highlighted the “magnificent documentation team” existing in the rojiblanco complex and once again had an impact on the “years of professionalism contrasted at European and world level” that he had Wunderlich in the ranks of the FFC Frankfurt: “It is a rank award and continues to value the effort that women's football has been making in recent decades to have the role it deserves. The Athletic It will always be close to those demands that we consider fair and in which this club has always believed. ”