Athletic's brilliant numbers at San Mamés

If the classification were limited to matches only at home, the Athletic Yes, it would be a European team. The base camp of San Mamés works perfectly. 9 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses that translate into 31 points. 20 points in favor and 9 against. The least scored team as host in First. Numbers in the lions' den that keep them in the continental fight and that reduce the negative impact of home harvesting.

He Athletic it has been done with 65% of the points put in contest in Bilbao in the current campaign. It has a projection to become one of the most outstanding seasons in San Mamés since the victories are worth three points in the League. With the current one they are already 25. The current red and white squad moves near the podium. Of course, not even winning the three commitments that remain in his fief will be placed among the first three.

Athletic's last victory in San Mamés, against Mallorca

The best records have been produced under the new San Mamés, in the years 2013-14 and 2016-17. Both with Ernesto Valverde on the bench. He Athletic got 43 points. 75% of the total. In the first it was worth to finish fourth and get a ticket for the previous Champions. In the second, the last of Txingurri, the people of Bilbao were seventh and obtained the passport for the Europa League.

Athletic in San Mamés in the League of three points. INFOGRAPHIC: MD
Athletic in San Mamés in the League of three points. INFOGRAPHIC: MD

The podium drawer is completed with the 1997-98 season. Those then led by Luis Fernandez they added 41 points at home, 72%, which also catapulted them towards the Champions. In this case, thanks to a runner-up in the League. It is the best position of the Athletic in the last quarter century. The old San MamésIn fact, it was decisive to tie the second position in the final day thanks to the 1-0 against Saragossawith bullseye Etxeberria.

Then came a block of four courses in which the Biscayan team achieved 37 points (65%). The same as the projection that it carries at the moment. To catch up he would need to win two of the three duels he has left in Bilbao. There is a fact that speaks clearly of the significance it has had Valverde on the rojiblanco bench. Four of the eight seasons that top this ranking have occurred with that of Viandar de la Vera as a coach. Two others were with Joaquín Caparrós, one with Luis Fernandez and the current one with Gaizka Garitano.

He has not missed many points this Athletic of his fief. One of the fears in the reboot, seen what was happening in the Bundesliga, was a possible loss of the field factor. The lions have not accused him. They have achieved 7 of the 9 disputed points. They started by matching with him Athletic (1-1). They are the only points that mattresses have left in the pipeline in the five most recent dates. The people of Bilbao suffered against him Betis (1-0), they breathed when Channels sent the penalty kick, and they did not let the Majorca (3-1) they were raised to the beards despite the disconnection of the second period.

Since Garitano made the jump to the first team, San Mamés It has been quite a strength. 17 wins, 8 matches and only 3 losses, all in the current campaign. With the deriotarra, the Athletic He has achieved 70% of the points that have been distributed in his house. 59 out of a total of 84. He was the main support to avoid the problems after the inheritance of Berizzo and even came close to being worth a ticket to Europe. But only with what San Mamés it didn't work.

And maybe in this edition of the League the same happens. In time you are to avoid it by hitting the last stretch. 18 points remain to be distributed in the clashes of the lions. Half in Bilbao and half out. Real Madrid, Seville and Leganés They should visit those of Garitano, who will have to face displacements to see their faces with Valencia, Levante and Granada.