Athletic: New normality, old vices

Atlético de Madrid
failed in his attempt to remove all three points from San Mamés before him Athletic de Bilbao. The mattress box did not really play a bad game, but it did not give him to break ‘The Lions’. By sections, the Biscayan painting was superior. But in the second half, the team of Simeone It was somewhat better and he had a chance to have won the match.

All in all, the new normality of Athletic, meanwhile, it is similar to the previous one before the break. The mattress box, in its first competition match, suffered from many of the problems that it already showed before the health crisis. And that is not good news in his intention to finish in the top four.


The rojiblanco team maintains a dynamic away from home in The league -He has added only 17 of the 42 points played at home- that threatens his classification for the Champions League, so indispensable always, even more so in this course. Just three wins, eight draws and three defeats, with more goals conceded -13- than scored -12-.

The rojiblanco box has hardly achieved three victories away from Metropolitan (Leganés, Mallorca and Betis). He has left many points as a visitor. In a hypothetical home match league, the Athletic would be seventh, out of the Europe. They improve you Real Madrid, Seville, Barça, Getafe, Real Sociedad and Villarreal, in that order.


Again, the Athletic showed lack of goal. He marked one, right, of Diego Costa. Good news for Lagarto, who had not seen the door with the red and white for 147 days. However, the mattress box remained in a single goal scored when it generated more than enough opportunities to do more. Nine auctions for a single goal.

It is not that it does not generate occasions, that it does, because it has an average of about 12 per game. But it is evident that it does not mark. There are only eight less scoring teams – the Simeone He has 32 in 28 games-, and all of them except one are from the lower middle of the table. It is the second least scoring season in the history of the club at this point, only worsened by 81/82 in which, with 28 matches, the Athletic he had only scored 30 goals.


Another of the burdens that the Atlético de Madrid It has been the large number of matches that have been tied. In a competition in which the victory is rewarded with three points and the tie with four, the tables are not exactly a step forward, rather they suppose the loss of two points. Altogether, 13 of 28 parties. Almost half. That means the loss of 26 points in these matches, with respect to the prize that would have been to win them. There is no other team that has tied more this season. Athletic, Osasuna, Valladolid and Celtic they are those that follow, with 11 tied games.

The Athletic, with 46 points, he has 10 points less than in the 28th round of the last League and 18 points less than in the 17/18, to give an example. But is that the draw streak is historic at this point, never before had tied so much. He was 11 on 74/75, 78/79 and 90/91.


As has happened throughout the season, Simeone still waiting for a performance by some players that does not finish arriving. In San Mamés, Lemar

It was not the shock that was expected. The Frenchman is clearly the footballer who best exemplifies this issue. Neither as a starter nor as a substitute has been key, transcendent. In Bilbao neither was it. Something better was
Carrasco, who tried and grazed the goal
on a couple of occasions. But there is still a nucleus of footballers that is expected more, as is the case of Joao Félix, and that they must take a step forward so that the Athletic fight with guarantees for the first four positions.

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