ATHLETIC-GETAFE | Raúl and Muniain, the superlions

A super champion has his own heroes, people without a cape or flying suit, but with football from another galaxy, imperishable. This is the case of Muniain and Raúl García, to whom this stage with Marcelino has surrounded them with purple. His mischief brought Getafe down with forcefulness. The doomsayers who announced a tostonazo in San Mamés on a winter Monday night, due to the fact that two technicians as tactical and rigorous as Marcelino and Bordalás faced each other, surely they picked up their proclamations at 19 seconds with 0-1. And let's not say at rest, after a crazy first half, of pure frenzy. Or five minutes into the second half, with another assist from Muniain (He has five in three games) and the first goal for Yeray as a lion for the rojiblanca comeback. This Iker is in the Magic Johnson plan, giving assists as an illusionist, as a conjuror, he has a compass, square and bevel in his boot. Berenguer and De Marcos closed the account. Athletic had never beaten a Bordalás team and on the eighth time it did so badly.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Not half a minute did Athletic-Getafe take to open the channel. Having forgotten the streamers of the Super Cup and the miracle of the Cup, Athletic resumed its funereal and absent-minded air of the League, which it left behind Garitano long ago. Eight touches by the azulón team after serving from midfield, a chain error started by Yeray with a bad clearance, Mata who serves the band, from that central bank of Aleñá and Cucurella's header in the area. Pim, pum, pum. 0-1. Marcelino and Bordalás cannot stand each other, because of distant quarrels, but deep down they are wedges of the same wood. Two technicians who like their people to play very clothed and when they get in front, there is a warning. But this time there was no corset from the slate, the two teams went on an adventure without looking back. The Asturian did not have time to see the many visitors. The echo came to him when he climbed the stairs to his bench, a late staging perhaps because he did not cross Bordalás. At the end he made another dribble: he left earlier.

The evening brought a roller coaster of emotions. At five minutes, Cordero Vega whistled a penalty from Yáñez in an unbridled start against a Williams race. He was run over, but advised by the VAR, Martínez Munuera told him that he had previously touched the ball. He checked it out for himself on the screen in the field. Athletic had losses on the inside in the middle of the field that caused displeasure and Geta appeared quickly on Unai Simón's balcony. There was no time to blink. Muniain spun around near the front of the box. Attentive to the maneuver, Etxeita asked Nyom to watch Raúl García, a torment during the 90 minutes. But the Cameroonian side perceived another client behind his back and he had enough with that vigilance. The one for the other, the house without sweeping, the Navarrese scored a great goal by lengthening his right leg as if it were made of rubber.

Getafe Shield / Flag

The Geta created problems for the lions when it came to leaving the cave. But little by little Marcelino's team took a position, with his swift decision when attacking, all greased by Muniain and with the sumptuous support of Raúl García. In 13 minutes, two goals and a revised penalty. Who could improve it? Well, Cucurella with a forced maximum penalty with Núñez as a dance partner, who was displaced by the canterano culé. The VAR this time did not deny the referee. The one who denied the fate of the goal was Unai Simón. Someone told him that Mata tends to alternate his shots from one side to the other, he held the 'paradinha' and got big on his left. He stuck a very hard hand down. That did not lower the heart rate.

The second part was a dismay of the super champion of Spain. Yeray scored his first goal as a lion. The dynamism and clarity in attack of this Athletic is an aspiring to great heights. I missed seeing how Getafe finished off all the side kicks and corners. Berenguer and De Marcos, after a delicacy from Unai López, closed the account at the festival. They did not play 'Orsai', the group made up of six Bilbao players. The symphonies were all put. Marcelino has fallen on his feet in Bilbao. Your lions don't bite, they gobble.


Angel (56 ', Nemanja Maksimovic), Lekue (65 ', Balenziaga), Portillo (68 ', Mata), Mamor Niang (68 ', Takefusa Kubo), Vesga (72 ', Unai Winner), Berenguer (72 ', Raúl García), Villalibre (79 ', Williams), Unai Lopez (79 ', Muniain), John patrick (82 ', Mauro Arambarri)


0-1, 0 ': Marc Cucurella, 1-1, 12 ': Raul Garcia, 2-1, 49 ': Yeray, 3-1, 60 ': Raul Garcia, 4-1, 74 ': Berenguer, 5-1, 81 ': From Marcos


Referee: Adrián Cordero Vega
VAR Referee: Juan Martínez Munuera
Nemanja Maksimovic (7 ', Yellow) Unai Nunez (8 ', Yellow) Raul Garcia (16 ', Yellow) Dani Garcia (39 ', Yellow) Bush (48 ', Yellow) Etxeita (55 ', Yellow) Unai Victor (56 ', Yellow) Djene (77 ', Yellow