Athletic – Atlético | Back to the past

It was 14:03 when Athletic and Atlético finally found that moment: the ball rolling after so many black days, so hard, full of losses. It is rare but it is and that is above all things in this new normality sustained in empty stands, the echo rumbling in San Mamés between dry sounds of the ball and the voice of Cholo between 53,289 seats as if it came out of ten gorges and not just one, in the empty Cathedral.

If there were tired legs, at the beginning it was not noticed. Athletic and Atlético came out honoring their Atletico colors: with everything, with direct football and an open heart. Williams the spearhead of the Garitano team, determined to surprise the counterattack. Llorente next to Costa, in a 4-4-2 that confirmed all the tests of Cholo: the hero of Anfield turned forward. Ten minutes had passed and he already agreed with Cholo in his bet: back control, turn and pass the gap to Carrasco's career. With Unai Simón misplaced, the ball went out by a finger, a millimeter. Atlético tried to hit first. It didn't last long, however.

Athletic Shield / Flag

The first ball of the game had already confirmed Garitano's plan: a shot by Iñigo Martínez that went high after it slipped through the entire Atletico defense. I was looking for a mistake. It was minute 20, that of infinite applause, with as much symbolism as the black armchair full of flowers in San Mamés, when Athletic took control of the game, with longer possessions and complete control, leaving Carrasco's glimpses to nothing. space, the careers of a Llorente Battle Horse pulling a bundle, Costa, unable to win a duel. Williams certified it with an occasion that forced Oblak to a two-stroke stop. Undetectable Muniain, scratching at the Lodi gang, searching for Oblak's gloves. Because in these 90 days that has not been forgotten: the miracle stops. He drew a ball from Yeray to the net with the tips of his fingers, flying to the SuperJan.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Atlético was taking steps back, increasingly closer to Oblak, blurred and without initiative, when Yuri found Muniain with a pass back to the heart of the area and he managed to find a hole for Oblak. 1-0. He had no time to celebrate. Atlético's response was immediate. Yeray misses a clearance, Koke lights the wand and Costa appears: he hit him with the boot with Carpanta's hunger. For things like this he always plays, he has the faith of Cholo, although he is slow, even if he is the least Costa of all the Costa. But it's him, Costa. And in any play the bale can emerge The beast. Surprise, surprise, Garitano. 1-1. Party at rest.

Five changes, old normality

In the booth, Koke rubbed his boot and an Atlético emerged with the ball and the intention while Llorente continued with his recital, letting go of rivals like Maradona, powerful, physical, tremendous. Garitano and Simeone moved their banks at the same time looking for freshness, for this game and all those who come in the eleven-day marathon in little more than a month. The novelty of the five changes came to the game. Minutes to Vesga and Sancet. Minutes for Arias, Lemar and Morata and for Correa soon after. Cholo's lead was another 67 minutes later. Overall gameplay slowed while newcomers started to sweat.

Koke was walking towards the stands that are now the benches, when Unai Simón took a ball from Arias under sticks and the air of summer friendliness in which he had settled was stripped of San Mamés, so much change. Athletic melted, looking for Atleti and the clock walking towards the old normality: another Atleti draw. And point to point you just survive. Before, now, tomorrow. The Europe that is sought at the same distance.


Santiago Arias (62 ', Trippier), Morata (62 ', Diego Costa), Lemar (62 ', Carrasco), Vesga (62 ', Unai López), Ohian Tirapu (62 ', Íñigo Córdoba), belt (67 ', Marcos Llorente), Héctor Herrera (77 ', Koke), Unai Núñez (82 ', Yuri), From Marcos (82 ', Muniain), Kenan kodro (90 ', Williams)


1-0, 36 ': Muniain, 1-1, 38 ': Diego Costa


Referee: José Luis González González
VAR Referee: Juan Martínez Munuera
Muniain (5 ', Yellow) Williams (45 ', Yellow) Inigo Martinez (83 ', Yellow