ASICS launches the FujiTrabuco Lyte trail running shoe, versatile, lightweight and for all types of routes

MADRID, Jan. 21 (SportsFinding) –

ASICS has reinforced its trail running collection with the launch of the FujiTrabuco Lyte shoe collection, versatile, lightweight and designed for both the mid-level runner and the professional for all types of routes, even the most technical ones, reports the Japanese multinational in a statement.

The lightness and grip of the FujiTrabuco Lyte adapts to experienced and professional trail runners, offering them a platform with remarkable traction, fit and balance between comfort and feeling the ground beneath the feet. Racer Xavier Thévenard won the 2019 Ultra Fuil of Mont Fuji with this model.

Its features include the ASICSGrip for grip; the 'Trail specific Outsole pattern' for optimum traction on both flat and up and down terrain; 'Flytefoam' technology for a comfortable racing experience, durable, very light cushioning and at the same time with a good level of reactivity; and the 'LacePocket' to avoid distractions with the tie and laces.

The FujiTrabuco range, whose Lyte model is intended for the neutral treadmill and less than 80 kilos in men and less than 65 in women, will be completed in 2020 to offer an even more complete range and continue to cover all types of profiles and needs of trail runners, “notes the mark in the note.