Arteta confesses that he still asks Pep for advice

Mikel Arteta and Pep Guardiola have seen how the coronavirus has prevented their reunion on a soccer field. The gunner club was exposed to a possible contagion in its meetings against Olympiacos and has decided to put all its staff in quarantine.

Before hearing the news of the suspension, the Arsenal coach spoke at a press conference about the relationship he continues to have with the City Minister. Arteta, who was his second until the dismissal of Emery and his return to London as first coach, confessed that he asks Pep Guardiola, his 'former boss' for some advice on football.

Arsenal Shield / Flag

“We talked a lot since I left. About football, life, family … It's not just a professional relationship. If I ask about matters as a coach? I have all your support and I can ask you anything. He always knows how to answer me because he knows me well and knows how I think. I count on him and it's something positive for me “, acknowledged the Arsenal coach.

“I have wonderful memories, great friends there and many people I appreciate. I really want to go back,” he acknowledged before meeting a suspensionn that, for the moment, will avoid the reunion of Arteta with what was his home for years.

Arsenal goes through one of its best streaks of the season. The gunners add eight games without losing and are ninth in the standings with 40 points and one game less than the rest. In the absence of 10 games for last, the 8 points that distance him from Europe seem a really difficult difference to return to continental football.