Arsenal wants Kökcü before the European Championship and offers € 26.5 M

The Arsenal It has already begun to move to make the template next year. Dani Ceballos will return to Real Madrid next season, since its assignment did not include purchase option, and the set gunner It should be reinforced with a player who has a similar profile.

That's why, according to Daily Mail, The English club has set its sights on Orkun Köckü. He still does not have the same experience or the same quality as Spanish, but his role in the field is similar, helping to develop the creativity of the Feyenoord.

Arsenal Shield / Flag

Köckü is 19 years old, right-handed and Arsenal has been monitoring him for some time. It was formed in the quarry of Groningen and in Feyenoord's, and although he was playing with Holland until the U19, has come to play two games with the U21 Turkey.

Feyenoord Shield / Flag

So far this year, the young midfielder He has scored three goals and has distributed six assists, being indisputable in his team since the beginning of this course and participating in the Europa League. Nevertheless, Arsenal knows that if he waits for the European Championship (starts before the market opens, but ends after it has opened) and they summon you, their price can rise quickly, so they want to hurry to hire you before they debut with your selection and leave them competition.

The British newspaper explains that the English would be willing to offer 23 million pounds for the Turkish footballer, that is, 26.5 million euros. The Brazilian sports director, Edu, has looked at him and labeled him a priority, so it is expected to be one of the first additions once the transfer window is opened.