Arrieta’s sister, outraged, responds to Rodolfo Sancho’s paid interview: “There is only one victim here, the one who was dismembered was Edwin”

“Sad, empty and in shock.” This is how the sister of Edwin Arrieta after the first week of trial against Daniel Sanchothe same one in which HBO has released the first chapter of its documentary The Sancho Casewhich has the first statements of Rodolfo, father of the accused, about everything that happened. Some of his statements have generated controversy on social networks and have outraged the victim’s family, who have stepped forward to defend the surgeon’s memory: “I find it sad that they think there are two victims. Here there is only one victim. The one who was murdered was Edwin Miguel Arrieta Arteaga. The one who was dismembered was Edwin Miguel Arrieta Arteaga.”

Darling responds in this way to one of Rodolfo’s most controversial phrases: “I have the perception that there are two victims. Without a doubt there is a deceased and it is terrible. The truth comes out and from there we will all have to manage our sensations and feelings “. Darling continues: “If he hadn’t been so trusting, if he hadn’t thought that everyone was like that, good like him, he would be alive.”

Edwin’s sister, visible head of the family since the surgeon was murdered in Thailand on August 5, has given an interview to Friday to tell how they are at the moment: “I am the sister of Edwin Miguel Arrieta Arteaga and my mission is for the world to know who Edwin was. Don’t try to distort it, to see him as the perpetrator,” she says bluntly. “The hardest thing is what they have said about my family, about my brother… That we are a family that is drug traffickers, dangerous, that he harassed Daniel Sancho, that he was going to rape him… The worst thing is that those people did not know to Edwin.”

The Colombian affirms that her family has not yet come to terms with Edwin’s death and they are still in full mourning: “How am I? Sad, empty… I am still in shock that his body has been dismembered, dismembered, scattered on an island in a continent different from ours”.