Arrasate: “We are fighting for something very beautiful and that has to make us fly more than run”


The CA Osasuna coach, Jagoba Arrasate, stated this Saturday that his pupils are “fighting for something very beautiful” and that precisely “that” has to “make them fly more than run” in their imminent match against Atlético de Madrid, corresponding to the 35th day of LaLiga Santander.

“I think that the fact of not having that pressure in the backpack makes you more than run, fly. Which is what we also need, but you can never think that you don’t have that need because today in football if you go out on a field without that point of need, makes you win or lose games”, commented the Berriatua coach.

“We have to feel that need, but, at the same time, see that we are fighting for something very beautiful and that has to make us fly more than run,” he said at a press conference. “Our goal is to win tomorrow, which is already complicated enough,” added Arrasate regarding that league commitment at the Cívitas Metropolitano.

“Since we have returned to the First Division we have lost all the games against Atlético de Madrid, but I also understand that this year we have broken quite a few negative statistics and hopefully it will be tomorrow too. We are only thinking about tomorrow’s game”, added the Osasuna coach .

In addition, the rojillo coach said that he will wait “for Atlético in the second round.” He thus alluded to the good mattress dynamics, despite losing last day in Elche (1-0). “They have found that fluidity, they are also finding the goal easily, they are a brave, daring team and I think they are in a very good moment,” he assessed.

“I hope that Atlético de Madrid and I also hope that Osasuna with a lot of personality will go there to win the game with our weapons. I think we arrived at a good time and we have to endorse it in a complicated scenario”, stressed the Osasuna coach, whose team seems to have healed his wounds from the final lost in the Copa del Rey.

“Before a game I’m always optimistic, but I think that this year we have broken the mold in that. Things that we had not been able to achieve, to face powerful teams, to be able to beat this type of team, to be able to make a good final… all this has to give us that confidence to, at least, visualize that this can happen”, he stressed.

“Then another thing is what we have in front of us tomorrow. But the first step is to be convinced that we can win there tomorrow,” Arrasate acknowledged about his team’s options at the mattress stadium. “You are there 34 days in these positions and, suddenly, you realize that in a week you are going to play practically everything”, he highlighted.

“So, I think it will become quite clear because there are three games in a week and what we want is to continue in the fight, which is where we are now,” predicted Arrasate, aware that Osasuna is still immersed in the fight to get involved. in the Conference League or even in the Europa League.