Arrasate: “The first penalty changed the script of the match”

Osasuna's coach, Jagoba Arrasate, has appeared telematically before the media after his team's defeat (1-3) against Atlético in El Sadar.

Osasuna Shield / Flag

How has the first penalty influenced?

He hurt us and changed the game script. We were being superior, we had a great first half, but it was 0-1 and, from there, playing against a team that manages the advantages in favor very well, we have gradually opened up and we had problems in defence. They, little by little, have been playing more comfortable and have hurt us more than in the first half. Clearly there have been two games: one until 0-1 and one thereafter.

How have you seen Budimir?

It has become a differential in the area and the first he has had, although it was not easy, he has put it. It has not served to add, but it is sure to him that it is worth to gain in confidence and to see if little by little it will increase.

What has happened so that Osasuna has changed so much in the second half?

At the beginning of the second half the penalty, even if they failed, has generated doubts and from there, I have seen the longest team, leaving more distance between the lines and they combined easier and they have attracted us to look for the back and they have had clear chances. Defensively we have not been well. They have taken that step and have been right in the way they play. Also, with the 1-2, when you think you can give the last arreón and you can take a point, the 1-3 has arrived, which leaves you without options.

Is El Sadar missed at times like 0-2?

In good times of course, but in bad times is when this hobby encourages us the most and these are moments when you appreciate that support. Now we don't have it, nobody has it, but we look at ours. After 0-1 they would have encouraged us, after 0-2 the same and with 1-2 they would have come up. It is something that at the moment we cannot have it and hopefully everything goes well so that in not much time we can enjoy the public, we need it.