Around the supposed pregnancy of Ainhoa ​​Armentia: “You can already see her tummy”

“It’s incredible the things you can invent, it seems disrespectful to me.” This is how the girlfriend responded Iñaki Urdangarin a few days ago when asked about the rumors of an alleged pregnancy. However, the words of Ainhoa ​​Armentia They have not managed to stop the gossip in Vitoria: “The tummy is already noticeable.”

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Says a neighbor who met her a few days ago in the aisles of a supermarket in the city: “I saw her face to face and she had her trench coat open, a white sweater and a suspicious little tummy was visible and I said ‘Wow, how strong’ , has told this person in Save me. “Then, when we went to pay at the cash register, a girl from the supermarket came and told the cashier ‘There’s the one from Urdangarin, look at the gut.”

The truth is that Ainhoa ​​was able to settle the issue (and did not) when a reporter asked her a few days ago: “Do you deny the pregnancy?” Urdangarin’s girlfriend was silent for a few seconds and then, after a smile, she settled: “I don’t know, you tell me.” A very vague denial that, as we said, has not managed to stop the rumor. Time will take care of giving the reason to one or the other.

What is certain is that both Iñaki and Ainhoa ​​want to make their relationship official and settle it once and for all. In fact, Urdangarin would have already told his eldest children, Juan and Pablo, that he will marry his girlfriend as soon as he signs the divorce from the Infanta Cristina, scheduled for June, when Irene, the youngest of the four children of the former Dukes of Palma, turn 18 years old.