Armour: Jon Rahm lies and betrays his friends. It’s clear that all he cares regarding is getting paid.

Armour: Jon Rahm lies and betrays his friends. It’s clear that all he cares regarding is getting paid.

The two-time major winner, who used to be a strong supporter of the PGA Tour, was the biggest name to leave for LIV Golf on Thursday. He decided that the Tour’s history and challenges weren’t as significant as him after all.

Who needs to play on courses in which Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods left their mark when the Cleeks and the HyFlyers can be used for fancy shows?

After all the “fealty” he showed to the PGA Tour and his desire to play against the best golfers in events with a lot of history, Rahm was only better than his friends Phil Mickelson as well as Sergio Garcia.

As soon as the Saudis raised the stakes high enough, Rahm quickly gave up everything he had stood for before. Rahm wasn’t the sole individual who thought LIV was a fake.

He can look past the fact that his new bosses’ hands are stained with blood because there are so many zeroes around them. He can at least wipe it off with one of his piles of cash.

Like Rory McIlroy, Rahm had made a name for himself as the conscience of golf. He saw LIV for what it was: a shameless way to make money, and he didn’t want to be a part of it. That is what he said. A huge number of times.

“What I do already makes me a great living. According to Rahm in July, “I’m very grateful, and it all happened due to the PGA Tour.”

“They should work on making the PGA Tour and golf better for future generations instead of worrying about what they can do for me.”

The 151st Open is being held at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Hoylake, England, on July 22, 2023. After putting in the 18th green, Jon Rahm of Spain lowers their cap to the crowd and says hello.

He has, instead, made it harder for the tour to happen as it is now. This is a defeat for the peace that the PGA Tour thought they had brought about with their deal with LIV a few months ago, and no one knows how it will be fixed.

The chances are pretty good. Those with an endless amount of money will get what they want in the end, though, and LIV COO Lawrence Burian’s excitement on Thursday night didn’t change that.

He said, “LIV Golf is here to stay.” “Adding Jon makes it clear that our league isn’t slowing down.” That would leave the game very different from what it was before.

Rahm didn’t think of LIV as “real” golf at one point. Shotgun starts and games that last three days? It’s almost like putting it by means of a clown’s mouth.

Even though LIV won at the Memorial, Torrey Pines, or Augusta National, Doral was the best thing he could do for history.

No big broadcaster was interested in LIV, even though Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, as well as Brooks Koepka were on board.

I finally found a home for it on the CW, but the numbers were so bad there that some stations showed infomercials or reruns instead of tournaments.

Rahm said Thursday, “Obviously, there’s been a lot of change in the game of golf in the last two years.

Things have evolved a lot, and so have I.” “What really interests me is seeing how LIV Golf has grown, changed, and come up with new ideas.”

LIV is more than just a golf league. A big part of Royal Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s plan to clean up his image is sports.

He thinks that if he spends a lot of money on sports, people will forget about the horrible things he and his country do to people’s rights. Like how women are pushed to the edges and the LGBTQ group is stifled.