Arias: “This restart will be like starting a season”

Santiago Arias was the Atletico footballer who spoke at the end of the first training session of the week in which LaLiga will return. The Colombian, who has not played a minute with Atlético in the last five games, spoke about the return of the competition and playing behind closed doors. He already knows the experience.

Work in confinement

“I really did pretty well. Despite the confinement and being locked up at home, the work continued, the plan of the physical trainers and coaches continued. So in the end I think it is still good to go back to the field, to see our teammates again, to train as a group … That raises your spirits for what is coming, which for us is very important

LaLiga Tour

“It was time. The truth is that it was very necessary, we wanted to go back and play, not only us but all the teams. It's going to be pretty, it's almost like starting a season. “


“Athletic will be difficult. He is a difficult opponent, who likes to play, who attacks the spaces well on the outside. But we have trained quite well, we are working hard, sticking to the work plan that we have, which is quite good. Hopefully on game day everything will turn out well. “

Door closed

“I had to play a game (Dinamo Zagreb-PSV, 2013-14) in the Europa League a few years ago and it is not the same. Having a hobby, having people who are encouraging you gives you a plus to motivate yourself to motivate yourself and go out to the field and show more, but at this moment it goes into the background. The first thing is health and let's hope everything goes well. “