Arias: “The most shocking thing was when I touched my ankle and it was not in its place”

Santiago Arias fractured the fibula and ankle of his left leg in the game he played with his national team, Colombia, against Venezuela in the CONMEBOL qualification phase for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The Leverkusen side, on loan from Atlético, will miss several months of competition and will have to undergo surgery in the next few days, for which will travel to Madrid. Before moving to Spain to begin to recover as soon as possible from this hard blow, the player gave an interview to 'ESPN Nexo', a program in your country in which He spoke about his feelings at the moment and what he hopes in the future.

What is coming is hard, difficult; I spoke with players who had the same injury and they say it is simple but that recovery is painful. They tell me it's five or six months. I hope it is less. Now I traveled with a physiotherapist from the national team who will be with me in Bogotá and another will go with me to Madrid. There, together with the Atlético and Leverkusen doctors, they will be with me during the operation and the subsequent recovery. Now I only have to keep my foot up so that the blood circulates because I have a very large bruise ”.

Arias highlights which was the hardest moment: “The most shocking thing was when I touched my ankle and felt that it was not in its place. It wasn't that painful because it was hot. When they accommodate me is when it hurts the most because my body gets cold. Then the pain grows ”. Furthermore, it underlines that the support of other players who have gone through similar situations, such as Falcao, has been of great help: “It motivates you even more. He was at all times with me and with the other players supporting me. I'm still young and I have a lot ahead of me “.