Arechabaleta does not have Marcelino for his project

After the barkala meeting con Marcelino two weeks ago, a mere touchdown in which both were left to To meet again with more time, the one who has followed the same line is Arechabaleta, the other candidate for the presidency of Athletic. To the Asturian technician it has become clear to him that his cycle in Bilbao today is sold out. He himself does not see it clear to continue after this year and a half. He is very comfortable in the Biscayan capital and he loves what he sees in the entity, but he finds it difficult to aim much higher sportingly.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Barkala publicly released who had spoken with other trainers before contacting García Toral. Seeing the one that had been mounted, met with this and tried to make him see his intentions. That is why he has probed Pochettino, although he has already told him no. In that, he agrees with Arechabaleta. This does not have the current rojiblanco coach. He values ​​the enormous prestige of this, but also considers that the two cup finals lost and the missed opportunities to make the jump to European positions when the team was eighth, they recommend find another profile. And it is in it. Iraola’s option loses strength for both.

Los two candidates will be public soon are programs and the team with which they will attend the elections, which will take place for the first time in San Mamés. The entity must first discuss the change of Statutes in Assembly, which will take place on May 23. The On June 24, Elizegi’s successor will be known. Arechabaleta he is being more discreet than his opponent. His idea about the future of the entity is that from now on will not be ruled out the sale of soccer players, because otherwise economic stability is complicated. Y for Lezama, will be signed by curriculum, even a foreign figure from a prestigious quarry in Europe is valued. San Mamés will be a space in which events of all kinds are organized to increase the income of the owners of the field.