Arantxa Sánchez Vicario reaches an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office: two years in prison and a fine of two million euros

The tennis player collapsed this Tuesday in Barcelona during her first statement before the judge for a crime of confiscation of assets of which she and her ex-husband are accused. Joseph Santacana. The strategy of Arantxa Sánchez Vicario It involves holding the father responsible for her children, ensuring that she was in charge of earning money and he was in charge of managing it: “He decided everything.” And while he proclaims her innocence, she has reached an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office.

This was stated by Telecinco hours after the start of the trial. Apparently, the tennis player has pleaded guilty to a crime of concealment of assets for which she will be sentenced to two years in prison (the minimum so that, without a criminal record, imprisonment is not effective; the Prosecutor’s Office asks for four) and to pay a fine that exceeds two million euros.

Arantxa’s declaration

Nervous, with slow speech and unable to contain her tears, the tennis player asked the magistrate for a moment to drink water and compose herself. She has acknowledged the debt that she contracted with the Bank of Luxembourg (6.1 million euros) and also that she had assets to cover it. When the judge asked her why she did not pay, the former tennis player said: “I did not pay because my husband told me not to. I did what he told me. I am a tennis player and I have no knowledge of assets or companies.” “I trust my husband.”

A few days ago, I counted on The country the delicate economic moment that he is going through for having trusted Santacana: “With what I have won, not being able to make a living from tennis is a very hard blow that I did not expect. My mistake was falling in love. My husband played it on me. But I am not going to throw away the towel. I am making a brutal economic effort that I will continue to make all my life.

The prosecution’s accusation

He claims that the Bank of Luxembourg advanced to a Spanish bank the money that the tennis player had to pay to settle her debt with the Treasury, an amount that the Luxembourg bank demanded from her and which amounts to 6.1 million with interest.

To avoid paying that debt, the prosecutor maintains that Santacana and Vicario “devised a plan consisting of decapitalizing their assets” and emptied their checking accounts. They made the money that Sánchez Vicario had collected in loans and for reports “disappear.” The prosecutor states that the tennis player was the owner and beneficiary of at least five companies and the owner of several real estate properties that, after being notified of the debt with the Treasury, became in the name of a Uruguayan company.

For everything, the Prosecutor’s Office requests to convict them for an alleged crime of confiscation of assets or punishable insolvency: it demands four years in prison and 8,640 euros in fines for Sánchez Vicario and Santacana, in addition to 6.1 million in civil liability. Vicario has reached an agreement with the bank to settle her debt, as she herself declared this Tuesday.