Aracely Arámbula laughs out loud at Paloma Cuevas’ relationship with Luis Miguel: “Nice couple”

The battle that the singer Luis Miguel maintains with his ex does not stop. Paloma Cuevas’ boyfriend has been pointed out by Aracely Arámbula, the mother of the singer’s children, who is now defending herself after questioning the reasons why she filed a complaint with Sol de México.

Now that the Mexican artist is on tour, she has been accused of being opportunistic and wanting to harm the father of her children. But Aracely Arámbula says that what she is talking about in recent days is false and that is why she wanted to ignore the recommendation of not participating in the media to defend her name.

Without further ado, he revealed on Telecinco that he has tried to contact the singer’s lawyers up to three times, this last time being the only one in which he has succeeded. He argued that now, while he is on tour, is the only time they can get down to work.

He has repeatedly wanted to make it clear that does not intend to damage the public image of Luis Miguel, that it has taken all this time to file the complaint out of consideration for him and to avoid the current situation. He also wanted to clarify that his children do not need that money, that they are simply claiming a right that they have. “This is not about money or power or harming anyone,” defended by phone on Fiesta, the program presented by Emma García.

“I don’t need that money”

In the last days of September, Luis Miguel’s team entered the financial amount corresponding to the 48 months of debt, something that was not notified to Aracely. Remembering that her children do not need that money in her daily life and that she enjoys a good economy, she has clarified that this money is a trust for when your children begin higher education.

Leaving aside the economic issue, she has talked about how she He has never refused to allow the singer to visit his children.. He even commented on how he did not come to visit them during his stay in Acapulco during the time of COVID, when he was near there and, he says, he did not even call them on the phone. Regarding the wedding invitation Michelle Salas, He clarified that his children received the invitation at the end of October, just a few days before the ceremony. Since they did not have Luis Miguel’s passport signed in time, it was impossible for them to attend the meeting.

Finally, when asked about how she sees the future of Luis Miguel’s relationship with Paloma Cuevas, she laughed out loud and commented that it seems like a “cute couple” and that they have a lot in common with each other although the singer’s sentimental situation has nothing to do with his relationship with his children.