Approved and suspended from Real Madrid: Vinicius asks for a place

Courtois: Comfortable match for the Belgian, with very little work. He could do nothing on Mikel Merino's goal and Real hardly bothered him before and after that much.

Marcelo: The good news is that he did not suffer in defense against a team with as much offensive potential as Real. The bad news is that he was very imprecise in the deliveries, something unusual for him. It hardly appeared in attack.

Ramos: He has returned to an outstanding physical level. Quick and focused, he did not give Isak options, who had to fall to the band on too many occasions due to the solidity of the centrals. He left injured after a blow to the knee and that injury can be a major problem for Zidane.

Varane: Like Ramos, he has returned to a very good physical level. He is in one of the best moments of his career. Quick to cut, safe from above, precise on the ball exit, concentrated on the lateral centers … Outstanding French match.

Carvajal: A bolt behind and with an attack presence when he could get up. It is at an outstanding level, at its best. Very good physical tone after the break, as in previous games.

Casemiro: He saw a yellow that was orange by an unnecessary elbow to Merino in the first half. The next game is lost due to sanction. It brought balance, as always. He suffered at the ball exit due to the intense pressure of Real.

Kroos: Discreet encounter in attack. Good and committed to defense, he helped Casemiro a lot in recovery. He appeared more delayed than usual to try to give the team fluidity in the minutes in which it cost Madrid the most to come out playing from behind.

Valverde: Zidane improvised with him in the playmaker in the first half and it is not his position. It does more damage in a more delayed demarcation, with meters to run. Tireless in the round trip, as usual.

James: Slow and gone. The position in which he was placed by Zidane (far right) did not help him either, because he is a touch footballer and not overflowing. He only shone in the plays in which he focused his position.

Benzema: It's still sweet. His goal gave Madrid peace of mind. It is fast, precise and with fine aim. He sees the door easily and maintains his contribution in the collective game.

Vinicius: The best of the match. It unleashed an encounter in which Zidane's men couldn't find the formula to do damage in attack. The only one that created danger in Madrid in the first half. He attacked the spaces, something essential to overcome the high pressure of the Real. In the second part, he caused the penalty that led to Ramos' goal.


Zidane made them late and they hardly shone. Only Militao (30 minutes) had time. Mariano and Asensio left with 12 minutes to go, while Modric and Mendy only participated in injury time.