Approved and failed: ‘The Special K’ brings Granada closer to salvation

1-Luis Maximiano: Super Max made a colossal mess going out for a ball outside the area. He was very serious in all the balls that came to him, although the ‘forward’ who gave him the most problems was… Domingos Duarte. He made a save and adds 118.

17-Quini. Corazón Quini had none other than Muniain in her corridor. Yuri also passed by on his street. Great job on pressure after loss. She saw her eleventh yellow card of the season. Huge waste of physical faculties. Valuable player. Extraordinary match.

Shield/Flag Grenada

16-Victor Diaz: Professor Courage planted himself very firmly in the center of the defense. His first shot, midway through the second half, hit Yuri. Very serious game. At 59 ‘he gave the position, and the captaincy, to Germán.

22-Sundays Duarte: General Duarte got his goalkeeper into two very serious troubles with two bad clearances. Raúl García left him with a blow from the waist and the ball ended up on the post. He is not even the shadow of what a player of his category should be, although it is true that he has stopped his fall.

3-Escudero: The hidalgo of the band tried to keep electric Nico Williams at bay. He climbed up his band very judiciously and tried not to miss his aisle. He saw the fifth yellow, so he will not be able to play the next game against Betis.

5-Milla: The spring had the first chance of the match at 7′. Attentive in the pressure and recovery of balls and looked for holes based on walls. Notable in defensive assists. He never shied away from the clash and his football went further. He carried the team on his back.

Collado, on his knees, celebrates his goal. Uzuni and Jorge Molina come to congratulate him.

4-Gonalons: The French rudder was once again the starter and gave the scare of rigor when he touched his hamstrings at 11′. He positioned as a pivot and well placed to avoid absurd runs. Good in containment. He endured quite well the 77 ‘he was on the green.

10-Doors: The multipurpose (or multiman) the same goes up his band (the right or the left… whatever they throw at him) like a dagger that defends like a limpet and helps creating superiorities. He is very confident. Cheered when he was traded for Arias. Excellent match. Another one.

35- Hill: The Sabadell gazelle, playmaker with freedom of movement, observes ease in finding the shot with the left. His pressure on Dani García made him steal the ball, lean on Uzuni and shoot Unai in cold blood. Mobility, restlessness and personality. Great game.

24-Zuni: The twinkle of Albania began very clueless. He was very agile supporting Collado in the action of the goal. In it they needed him inside the area. He made it 2-0 at 44′ with a great shot. Deep and aggressive although run over at times. Latin heart of warm blood.

23-Jorge Molina: The immortal made his first header at 30”. Enormous effort to fix the Basque towers and hinder their exit of the ball. As always huge in the back game. Vivian intercepted a net-scented shot from him. Great physical display at 40 years old. His blood, like that of Ben Richards (protagonist of the 70’s series ‘The Immortal’) is worth millions.

From the bench:

6-German. The San Fernando wall entered in the second act to monitor, especially, Iñaki Williams. He received the foul that led to the second yellow, and expulsion, from Vesga. Very concentrated and seamless.

8-Eteki: The odometer came on to refresh Gonalons and add muscle to the midfield. He received a warning for grabbing Berenguer and a penalty was played if the referee had assessed his grabbing of Zárraga as such. Messy but compliant.

9-Luis Suarez: The buck from Santa Marta entered at 77′ with a cumbersome bandage on his left thigh. He had a goal disallowed for offside checked by the VAR.

2-Santiago Arias: The Medellin hare jumped onto the mat for Puertas. It’s a shame that injuries haven’t let him show what a good player he is. He has agility.

Aitor Karanka: ‘The Special K’ is hand of saint in this Granada. Eight points out of a possible 12, out of relegation and first victory in Los Cármenes almost five months later. He planned a very serious game and has achieved the incredible: that his goalkeeper works less because the team defends better. This Granada is another.