Approved and failed for Granada: Damn penalty from Jorge Molina!

1-Louis Maximian: Super Max stopped a cannon shot against Embarba at 36′. In total he made five stops, 127 in the entire League. A goalie that will come out.

17-Quini. Corazón Quini unfolded for his band with the usual pride. He is killed to work on defense and offense. He didn’t make any mistakes.

Shield/Flag Grenada

16-Víctor Díaz: Professor Courage was focused on his back. He did not let the Espanyol attackers think. It was not enough.

22-Sundays Duarte: General Duarte was attentive to the cut and the anticipation and greatly improved previous performances.

3-Escudero. The hidalgo of the band had the mission to contain Melamed and double in defensive work. He tried centers and more centers, but none without meaning.

5-Milla: The spring, Granada’s stronghold, was injured at 31′ He was doing very well but his body burst and he was replaced by Eteki.

Antonio Puertas rehearses the shot.

18-Petrovic. The Serbian diesel covered more ground after Milla left due to injury. Sergi Darder did not make it easy for him. Bad game.

35-Hill: The Sabadell greyhound played with a lot of confidence and freedom of movement. He assumes responsibilities from set pieces and tried it actively and passively. Very good player.

10-Doors: The multipurpose (or multiman) had the first one at 3′ that was stopped by Diego López. He pulled the car as usual but he can’t do everything. It is an example of honesty.

9-Luis Suarez: The fallow deer from Santa Marta, leaning to the left wing, was not fine at all. He is generous in the effort, but he does not finish breaking. He wants to help, but he runs over and does not take advantage of his power because, tactically, he is messy: he got very angry after being substituted.

23-Jorge Molina: The immortal left his life with his game of backs and honor. He fatally shot the penalty in the 72nd minute ‘he did not hit the ball well at all.

From the bench:

8-Eteki: The odometer entered by Mile. A different profile, but Karanka had no more wardrobe. Stucco very lost and was changed in the final stretch. A desperately messy player.

24-Uzuni: The spark of Albania entered by Luis Suárez. He didn’t contribute anything at all.

6-German. The San Fernando wall came out more as a center forward than as a central defender because of how well he heads.

4-Gonalons: The French rudder, injured and bandaged, entered as a talented remedy.

20- Berry. The talent of the goal, non-existent this season, came out in the final stretch to vindicate himself. made decisions

Aitor Karanka: ‘The Special K’ activated Granada when it was most dead and managed to reach the last day alive. He is a piece of coach. It doesn’t seem likely that he will follow.