Approved and failed for an already very disfigured Espanyol

Diego Lopez: It was not the best afternoon for the goalkeeper, like that of the rest of the team. In the two actions of the goal he failed to intuit the shots, both without margin of correction. He even conceded a third goal that was disallowed for a supposed Rioja foul. The goalkeeper was more confident in the centers and the number of corners that Alavés took.

Aleix Vidal: Without stepping on the rival field, the side showed again that his characteristics do not adapt to that demarcation at Espanyol. As has happened throughout the course, the Catalan was vulnerable, soft and even ended up mad, confronting Escalante on one occasion or seeing a yellow card for a childish action. He ended up substituted in the second half with 1-1 on the scoreboard.

Calero: The center-back, unlike in recent games in which he had been one of the best, once again offered his most hesitant image. He was fragile and without speed at 1-0, imprecise in the ball release, but better when he had to control Joselu, who did not shoot on goal or make a difference in the aerial game.

Sergi Gómez: The central played with Calero, Cabrera displaced to the left. He was unable to stop the defensive bleeding of the Blue and Whites, outmatched at all times. He made mistakes in clearances although he drained water in the constant centers of the local team, which was risking its life. He did not manage to get into the game, self-conscious at all times due to the pressure from Alavés, although at a defensive level he was the most reliable player.

Cabrera: The invention did not go well for Vicente Moreno. The first goal came from a loss of the ball by the Uruguayan, who tried to play inside with his right leg and gave the ball to the opponent. There is nothing left in this final stretch of the course of that Cabrera who the previous campaign was the general of the Blue and White defense. The central defender was soft, imprecise, a reflection of a timorous Espanyol.

Photo of Cabrera

Yangel Herrera: Disastrous. The Venezuelan midfielder, who the week before was one of the worst against Osasuna, was outclassed at all times by the Vitorians. Apart from some turnovers, the player was incomprehensibly sent off in the second half, which left the team with ten and at the mercy of an Alavés team that accelerated to victory.

darter: The Majorcan hardly intervened in the game. A pressured Espanyol did not find the one from Artá, desperate, and also without the ability to associate with his teammates. Only in the first half, when Melendo was activated, did combinations and depth appear. Mirages in an offensive desert.

Handful: The striker was missing. A cross from RdT to the near post in which the Barcelona player failed to impale was his only approach to the area. At a defensive level, he was also outmatched. The sides were a cyclone, and the player deserved a yellow card for a mistimed tackle on the left side parakeet.


Melendo: The midfielder started active, eager, turning the game to the right side of Espanyol’s attack, participatory and helping the progress of the game. The best actions went through his boots, he even he was active in the pressure. He disappeared in the unfortunate second half of a Espanyol that defended itself like a cat belly up. He ended up being replaced.

Melamed: The end continued with the good line of the previous week. An overflow from the left as soon as it started and a dangerous shot that Pacheco took were Espanyol’s best actions in the entire match. The player also saw the yellow card, overexcited, and ended up being substituted in the final half.

RdT: He provoked the action of the penalty and transformed it with a great launch. The rest of the match was spent in areas of influence that were not center forward. He put two crosses with intention and only collaborated in the defensive phase in set pieces. He ended up, again, replaced after all the controversy of the last two weeks.

David Lopez: After his testimonial second round, the midfielder enjoyed half an hour. He tried a shot on goal in the final stretch of the game and was confident in the air. From below he was overcome and without ideas with the ball against an Espanyol team that could barely chain passes in danger zones.

Photo by David López

Ruben Sanchez: Despite the insufficient collective performance, the winger came out with enthusiasm, especially in attack, where he tried two crosses and pressed aggressively. In defense he suffered, little clothed, before the gale of an Alavés who insistently sought the third goal.

Merida: The left-handed footballer had his minutes and tried to give criteria to the game. He managed it in some actions, but not in others, with losses due to the poor structure of the team that did not facilitate the passes.

Vilhena: He barely intervened. He forced a corner and collaborated in defense.

Wu Lei: Nonexistent.