Approved and failed for a defenseless Espanyol

Diego Lopez: Bad comeback. At 14 ‘he was lucky because the stick deflected a clear header from Mariano, but he couldn’t do much in any of the four goals. The VAR saved him from Isco’s 4-0, but not from Benzema’s. You are hardly reminded of stops.

Aleix Vidal: In the first half he suffered a lot with Rodrygo, he was barely able to control him. Yes, he went, on one occasion, well to the cut, although in the melee he was clearly defeated. He improved in the second half, when he was able to show himself more in attack and had a chance in the 62nd minute.

Calero: At 1-0 he went to help Aleix Vidal and left a gap that no teammate knew how to cover. He was part of a defense of three central defenders that looked like a dead letter. He ended up being substituted because he was burned out and couldn’t recover.

Sergi Gómez: The duel started well, being providential in the 3′ to clear a shot by Mariano, but as the minutes went by it got worse. At 2-0 he backed down, gave Rodrygo too much. He suffered.

Cabrera: Terrible start, with three errors in three passes that could have cost dearly. He was not quite comfortable with the line of three central defenders and his placement in Asensio’s 3-0 run was not the best. Much to correct.

Photo of Cabrera

Vilhena: It was the most interesting, if something can be rescued from the team. He had good appearances from the left lane and was able to score on a free kick that Mariano deflected.

Herrera: Fatal at 1-0 by not covering Rodrygo well and letting himself be surprised and at 2-0. He lost the ball up front. He did not recover and it was impossible for him to make himself visible in midfield.

Melendo: The bitter duel started, moving between the lines and asking for the ball, but he was run over on more than one occasion by Camavinga. His game evaporated more and more.

darter: He added his 200th match with Espanyol. He shows when he’s not comfortable, his body language gives him away, and he lived through 93 minutes of pure suffering. He was late on more than one occasion under pressure and could not display any of his game. He also could not overcome lines with the ball drive.

Modric and RdT.

Handful: He did not stop trying, despite the fact that he touched very few interesting balls in attack. In the 80′ he forced Courtois to make a good save with a shot from outside the area. He fought and insisted without success.

RdT: No incident despite a good shot from outside the area in the first half and a free kick from the edge of the box. He was substituted and had an encounter with Vicente Moreno on the bench.

Wu Lei: He has no luck or success, but he creates chances. Life is sought.

Photo by Manu Morlanes

Morlanes: He touched very few balls.

Didactic: He covered Lucas Vázquez, but without further ado.

Frank Merida: Little incidence, only a deflected shot from outside the area.

David Lopez: He came out to occupy the central position of the line of three defenders. No incidence.