Applauded tribute to María Teresa Campos: from the anecdotes of Rocío Carrasco to the music of Raphael and the laughter of Los Javis

Twelfth Night has been the moment chosen by the public channel to pay the long-awaited tribute to the queen of journalism, who died last September at the age of 82. His daughter Carmen Borrego has directed and Have him She has served as master of ceremonies. They have reviewed the life of her mother and have received her friends and family to remember her between smiles and tears.

The stalls were full of familiar faces: Eugenia Martínez de Irujo and Narcís Rebollo, Gustavo El Chófer, Alejandro Rubio and his daughter, José Carlos Bernal, Lara Dibildos, Rocío Carrasco, Alejandra Prat, Alicia García Campoy… Nobody wanted to miss the heartfelt tribute to one of the best communicators in the country: brave, feminist and very funny.

Precisely with laughter, Los Javis remembered her, with whom she participated in the series Veneno in 2020: “She told us that she wanted a bigger role, to see if she could play a prostitute. Literally,” they said. “We told her 'María Teresa, it's January, it's very cold.' And she responded 'And the more naked, the better.'”

The great artists of the musical scene also accompanied Terelu and Carmen Borrego on this night: Pablo López, Vanesa Martín, Lorena Gómez, Tamara, Raphael, Pastora Soler and Miguel Poveda, who performed the song 'Madre', the same one he sang in the funeral of María Teresa Campos.

Politicians such as Mariano Rajoy, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Carmen Calvo and Pedro Sánchez have sent affectionate messages: “María Teresa Campos was and will always be a reference. And not only in the field of Communication, also for her unwavering commitment to Equality and to women's rights”.

Colleagues, such as Toñi Moreno, Juan Ramón Lucas, Luis del Olmo and Mercedes Milá, have highlighted the importance of her work in the world of journalism: “She was opening paths for everyone else. I don't forgive them for taking away her set,” the presenter said.