Anya Taylor-Joy opens the Cannes festival: her Brigitte Bardot-style super hat and a dress with a message

A la Brigitte Bardot in 1965, with that giant hat that caught everyone’s attention at Orly airport. This is how it was inaugurated Anya Taylor-Joy to the 77th edition of the Cannes festival. The British-American actress arrived first at the Grand Theater Lumière, where the opening ceremony will be held this Tuesday afternoon with the winner of the Palme d’Or of Honor, Meryl Streep. For the moment, just a few hours away from seeing the rest of the celebrities parade down the red carpet, the 28-year-old performer has set the bar very high in stylistic terms.

The protagonist of films like Dune, The witch o The man of the north For the occasion, she has chosen a style designed by Ryan Hastings and a hat by designer Jacquemus.

The dress belongs to Atlein, specifically from the spring-summer 24 collection. A French fashion house based in Paris founded in 2016 by designer Antonin Tron. Antonin, a surfer, designs focusing on the body, its energy and movement. The name ATLEIN is a tribute to the Atlantic Ocean and the natural world. Antonin’s work is based on flow and the manual creation process, defined by the draping and shape of the material around the body.

This human and physical approach to design is fundamental to his practice. The designs aim to minimize environmental impact by adopting a number of alternative industrial solutions, including recycling, short-circuit manufacturing and the use of natural and recycled materials. Committed to creating durable, timeless products and managing a local supply chain. Fabrics and accessories are sourced between Italy and France, garments are produced in independent workshops located in the Paris region, known for their quality and craftsmanship. It does not use leather, fur, exotic skins, feathers or fibers derived from plastic. All very much in line with the look she wore in the morning. On his feet are sandals from Jimmy Choo Shoes.