Antonio Tejado's call to María del Monte after the robbery: “You are not going to recover anything”

The Sevillian became one of his aunt's pillars after the terrible robbery he had suffered at his home. He not only showed up four hours after the event to hug Maria del Monte, but he called her on the phone afterwards to insist that she forget everything and regain her peace of mind. A conversation that was captured by the police, who had already tapped the phone Antonio Tejadoand that has seen the light this Wednesday: “They are hitting very hard and they are getting better and better. Maybe they get caught and they don't know they are yours. These notes don't stop, they are going to continue stealing”.

In his conversation with the singer, Tejado revealed what the band's modus operandi was like: “They are covered in black, it is impossible to catch them”. A clumsiness on his part that the police could use as proof of his integration into it: “They have two cars, which I have found outthey leave one at the door or on the next street, they run out of the house, they put the things in the trunk of that parked car and they go to another car, which is what a guy told me. “My friend.” And he continued: “After two or three days they go to the parked car, you don't know which one it is, they take what they have taken from inside and take it ass.”

Tejado insisted that her aunt would not recover the stolen items and advised her to turn the page: “Don't you see there's nothing? There's nothing. What are the police going to take? To break a safe there are no remains, nothing, reality is reality. If you want me to lie to you, I'll lie to you, but I prefer that you face reality, move on from the topic and be calm. They will fall in another way but so that you hold on to the truth,” they revealed on Ana Rosa's program. “I think it's good that you turn the page”. And I asked him: “Do you think they are idiots who are going to take the cell phone to steal? They are very smart, they carry cell phones that are not in their name, prepaid, they leave their cell phones at home with the women while they steal, they are not stupid, they are going to investigate their cell phones and they are not going to find anything.

A loot of 650,000 euros

The thieves took a multitude of valuable objects from María del Monte's house, such as diamond chokers, diamond earrings or a collection of exclusive watches that she had been expanding throughout her life to ensure a good retirement. In the seizure carried out by the Civil Guard, they also found pens, two wallets (Prada and Chanel), a Cartier bracelet, an iPhone 14, AirPods and a briefcase.