Antonio Núñez: Madrid or Huesca? They are both my teams

Antonio Núñez lived a film career. He lived with the galacticos, was a bargaining chip with Owen and went to Liverpool to win the Champions League with Benítez and in Huesca he found happiness. This Saturday the two teams of his heart will face each other.

What is your current life?

Two and a half years ago I hung up my boots. I live in Huelva, which is where I retired. I am linked to some projects related to football, but without being involved in the routine of a club. I like working with kids at a soccer school.

How were your beginnings in professional football?

I came to Real Madrid directly at Castilla. I was two years in the subsidiary and another in the first team. The year I lived at Real Madrid meant sharing a dressing room with my idols. Everything that happened had a huge impact. It was a unique experience. I played little, but that experience is not taken away by anyone.

What anecdote do you remember from that time?

There were many anecdotes. He shared a dressing room with Beckham, Figo, Ronaldo and Zidane … The best was Ronaldo's birthday party … It was sounded, there was all the press of the heart, and it's fun to remember … What a party!

How was your departure from Real Madrid?

Camacho did not want to count on me and had an offer from Mallorca and it seemed closed. The possibility of Liverpool came up because they wanted me as a bargaining chip for Owen. When my representative told me, I didn't believe it. It was to leave Madrid, but go to a big one like Liverpool.

How was that year in England?

I was not lucky because I was injured in the second training session and I was out for four months. I had a hard time picking up the pace. Benítez gave me many opportunities and I was able to participate in various competitions. It was an unforgettable experience, especially because of the Champions League we got against Bayern Munich.

What did that experience bring you?

I prefer the culture that they have in England with football, but especially with Liverpool. They have great respect for the player and for the club. The fan has a lot of respect. We did a great group and personally it was very nice.

How were the following years?

I returned to Spain without playing the Champions League but with the aim of returning to First Division. With Celta and Murcia I became a person. In Cyprus I did not get to adapt to football and I wanted to return to Spain and Huesca gave me the opportunity, I was very happy there from day one.

He fondly remembers that stage, although it ended with a relegation to Second B … Did you imagine that Huesca was going to achieve everything it is doing?

When we descended to Second B it seemed very far away, but it didn't surprise me, because things were done very well. No crazy things were done. They were very serious and that had its reward. I was very happy because they deserved it.

After Huesca, I still had gasoline for a while …

After Huesca I went through Dépor and got promoted to Primera, which was what I was missing in football. Then I was at Recre for four seasons and it was surprising because I was 35 when I arrived. We have experienced a very difficult situation there, because the team has been close to disappearing, but I saw a great unit and that dazzled me and that is why I live there.

On Saturday two of his former teams face … who is he going with?

It is a game to enjoy. In other times, seeing Huesca against Madrid would seem like a dream. Anything can happen because Real Madrid is unpredictable. If Huesca is serious it can get positive things. They are both my teams, I'm going to enjoy the game a lot. I'm going to be happy for the team that wins.