Antonio David reappears after his break with Marta Riesco: “It’s been a crazy week”

The former Mediaset commentator has resumed his activity on YouTube after a break of more than a week that many attributed to his complicated personal situation, that is, on breakup with Marta Riesco. It’s been five days and Anthony David He has shown his face in front of the audience of his channel: “It’s been a crazy week.”

Of course, he has not said a word about who has been his girlfriend in the last year and who blamed his daughter, Rocío Flores, for his sentimental failure with the man from Malaga. Antonio David has justified his absence from the networks for a very different reason: “I have not done it live because, as all parents know, we are finishing the second quarter and we are taking exams. I have been involved with both, I did not study so much even when I was a boy, but the effort has been worth it because there have been eight exams and they have obtained all notables and outstandings”, he proudly recounted.

The youtuber has also confirmed that his legal battle with María Patiño has gone a step further and that after the journalist’s appeals were denied in the Provincial Court, the opening of an oral trial will come.

Finally, it has advanced that the lawsuits against Rocio Carrasco y the tv factory for the recording and broadcast of the famous documentary are “almost ready”. This has been corroborated by his lawyer, Ivan Hernandez: “It is a macro demand”. Antonio David added: “We have minuted the entire documentary, each program. We were waiting for them to finish talking and now it’s our turn.”