Antonio David Flores wins ‘Sálvame’ in the trial for his dismissal: his new victory before the Supreme Court

Antonio David Floreswhich in 2021 filed a lawsuit against those responsible for Save me due to unfair dismissal, he has once again received a sentence in his favor. Thus, the courts have once again agreed with him in his legal battle against La Fábrica de la Tele, the producer of the program and the documentary of his ex, Rocio Carrasco.

As this portal has been able to confirm, the legal team of La Fábrica de la Tele has missed a certain deadline, so the Supreme Court will shortly issue a new resolution against it.

Rocío Flores’s father was fired from the program immediately after Telecinco broadcast, on March 21, 2021, the first two episodes of Rociito’s documentary. In this, the daughter of La eldest accuses him of alleged mistreatment and of manipulating her children to turn them against her.

It must be remembered that Antonio David was on the staff of collaborators of Save me until the moment in which these episodes began to be broadcast. The producer, even being aware of Rocío’s testimonies in the documentary that they were preparing for months, did not make the decision to fire him before her.

The Social Court number 42 of Madrid already determined in September 2021 that “the dismissal of the worker is void for violation of his fundamental right to honor.” The producer was then sentenced to indemnify 32,361 euros for the payroll that she stopped receiving due to the assignment of her temporary contract and 50,000 euros for the violation of her right to honor. The magistrate also pointed out that “it seems a risk to point out Antonio David with the word abuser because there is no sentence.”

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In May of last year, a new ruling by the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid quantified the moral damages at 120,000 euros, 70,000 euros than previously ruled.

Antonio David, who celebrated his 47th birthday this Monday, receives this new sentence at a convulsive personal moment, since Marta Riesco announced her breakup last Thursday. Olga Moreno’s ex has not yet ruled on the matter.