Antonio David ‘cuts’ Rocío Flores’ tongue after his break with Marta Riesco: he doesn’t want circuses

A lot of tension during the last hours at the Flores’ house in Malaga. Martha I can he packed his bags and returned to Madrid after the break with Anthony David but he took it upon himself to launch a well-aimed missile at Dew, blaming her for what happened on social networks. She is having a hard time keeping quiet and not responding to her provocation but she has a good reason to do so: her father’s request.

Antonio David has asked the two young women not to start a war through social networks. He wants peace and he has made it known to both of them, knowing that Marta, given her circumstances, no longer owes him anything. Her daughter, however, will respect her wishes. He wants to see his father calm and happy, enough controversy has already followed him in recent years.

For the moment, it seems that Marta is also respecting this ‘pact of silence’. She has only spoken out to deny that her mother has spoken through social networks assuring that Rocío Flores kicked her out of the house late in the morning. Riesco’s version is that her mother, María Jesús, was impersonated and that another person used her account to impersonate her. Whether or not it is true, the argument is valid to calm the waters.