António Costa resigns as Prime Minister of Portugal: his 36 years of marriage to Fernanda Maria Gonçalves Tadeu

The Prime Minister of Portugal, Antonio Costaresigned this Tuesday after being investigated for possible prevarication, active and passive corruption, and influence peddling in lithium and hydrogen businesses, although he assured that he has not committed any illegal act.

“In these circumstances, obviously, I presented my resignation to His Excellency the President of the Republic,” said the socialist in a televised intervention, in which he indicated that the position of prime minister is not compatible with the “suspicion of the practice of any criminal act.”

Married to Fernanda Maria Gonçalves

Fernando Maria Gonçalves Tadeu She was born in Lisbon in 1959. She is a teacher by vocation and has a master’s degree in Active Pedagogy and Emotional and Personality Disorders in Children and Young People.

Since 1987 she has been married to the 62-year-old prime minister of the neighboring country until now. However, the ‘woman of’ label does not go very well with her. They have two children, Catarina y Peter Michael.

On the state trip of Kings Felipe and Letizia to Portugal in 2016, we saw them in very good harmony with the monarch and the Asturian consort. The gala dinner that was held in Guimarães at that time was also attended by Iker Casillas y Sara Carbonero, who resided in Portugal due to the former goalkeeper’s signing for Porto. Fernanda Maria Gonçalves Tadeu has been and is Costa’s great stick in his most decisive moments, such as when the socialist politician revalidated his position in 2019.