Antoñín and the pachanguita controversy

Málaga, which is fighting to avoid relegation to the First RFEF with three days to go before the championship ends, has encountered another annoying controversy. Images were released last Tuesday of Antonin Cortes playing a soccer game with some friends from the neighborhood. The mess broke out how could it be otherwise.

Social networks reflected the enormous anger of many fanss for what they considered “unprofessional” behavior of the footballer. Most of the criticism was aimed at the sports shirt he was wearing (a Barcelona one). But the issue was more serious. That is why Malaga has opened a disciplinary file on him. He has 10 days to present his allegations.

Shield/Flag Malaga

risky activity

The matter is tricky. It is not just a matter of the striker giving an inappropriate image by playing an unnecessary game between colleagues. It is that the clubs (not only Malaga) have a strict internal discipline regime where their footballers are not allowed to risk their physique by doing risky activities. What Antoñín is irresponsibility from volume to loin that has not only angered Malaga and its fans. Granada, the club to which he belongs until June 30, 2024, does not seem to show a wonderful enthusiasm for the way his loan player spends his free time.

To give you an idea of ​​the importance of this matter, the clubs have a severe disciplinary regime to safeguard the physical integrity of their professionals because they are paid, and in many cases very well. Actually, they take injury insurance, but in games, not outside of them. Activities prohibited due to physical risk include the following:

1- The foreseeable

Can’t go out at night. You have to be home no later than 10 or 11 at night. Avoid the ‘tardeo’ (daytime revelry). And no taking the car. That is first of responsibility. Not everyone takes it into account…

2- The sports

These are the ones that fans don’t understand. Players cannot risk injury playing paddle tennis, riding a motorcycle or bicycle, with motorboat beach activities or playing soccer outside of unauthorized training. An injury out of this context harms the club in sports. And it’s not covered by insurance. This goes further. In the summer vacation periods, footballers have ‘recommendations’. No summer sports or ‘bullshit’. Injuries must be avoided. Riding a motorcycle happened in 2014, to give an example, to Iker Casillas… and it got messy! And of course no mountaineering. The just nonsense.

3- The historicals

always looking to the past. But those things don’t always go as expected. Eye Past errors take their toll no matter how much purpose of amendment is made. And on top of that there are social networks willing to spread what was previously only word of mouth. Neither parties nor fights. Exemplary behavior.

4- Popular festivals

Asier Illarramendi, to give you another example, came up with run in front of a bull at parties in Azpeitia dressed as Batman, among friends and with his people… but the ‘brave anonymous who spread it’ was not lacking. What happened to Antoñín.

5- The fines of Luis Enrique

For not extending much more. Luis Enrique fined 6,000 euros to players caught in ‘other activities’‘. This is not new. No one has been separated for playing little football in the street. But Antonin has made a mistake. Either reconsider or your career will be complicated. In Granada they are not happy at all. This team paid 1.5 million euros and does not count on him in its future planning. This player’s season has not been good. He has a contract until 2024. We repeat. Granada and Malaga are not happy

Although many ask for it on social networks, it does not seem likely that Malaga will separate Antoñín. The club does not have plenty of elements in the absence of such a short time for the end of the League. Yes indeed. The fine (deserved) is not going to be taken away by anyone.