Antonia Dell'Atte's reaction after the baptism of Ana Obregón's granddaughter: “I have never sold my private life”

After the reaction of Alessandro Lequiowhich completely ignores everything that has to do with the baptism of Ana Lequio Obregón, has arrived Antonia Dell'Attewho says that he does not talk about the subject because he has never sold his private life despite the public confrontations he has had with both his ex and with Ana Obregon.

To questions about the girl's baptism, the Italian limited herself to answering questions from her fellow reporters: “Merry Christmas to everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” And she added: “Remind you that I am a good person, that I am the best and that I have never sold my private life”.

Lequio's ex, in this way, has spilled her pearls but has not clearly given her opinion about what she thinks of the baptism of the girl, born through surrogacy in Miami on March 20 in the United States. According to Ana, with the semen preserved in New York from her deceased son, Aless Lequio, three years ago. About how she will spend Christmas and if she will be accompanied by her son, Clement Lequiothe model has only said: “Fantastic, everything fantastic.”

It must be remembered that in 2016, Obregón and Dell'Atte were involved in an attempt to get closer after posing together in their main magazine, pretending that everything was fine. However, in 2020, after the death of the young entrepreneur at the age of 27, everything blew up again. First due to the controversy sparked by Clemente's absence from his brother's funeral and in 2021 as a result of Antonia reopening her strong accusations against Alessandro. Ana then came to Alessandro's defense. Today they are estranged. Alessandro has never confirmed that his son's will was to have a child after death, as Obregón maintains.

Ana Sandra's baptism

The presenter baptized Ana Sandra this Sunday at the Nuestra Señora de la Moraleja Parish, the same one where Aless's funeral was held on June 30, 2020. The actress's sisters, her brothers, her nephews, her best friend attended. the host (Raul Castillo), Susana Uribarri (his representative and friend) and also Giacomo Ugarelli (Aless's classmate at school), who finally was the godfather after Aless's refusal Justinthe young man's best friend.

The girl was baptized in the same Christian dress that Aless wore. The candles that the actress gave to her guests read Anita Lequio Obregón, and not Ana Sandra, the name she added in her exclusive checkout after this portal gave the little girl's real name before anyone else: Ana Lequio (Lequio as full name) and Obregón as surname.

The tension with Lequio has been evident in recent months, following the birth of the child. The talk show host was not at his baptism this Sunday: “They invited me but I didn't answer,” he said this Monday, making it clear that everything related to this matter is not his concern.