Antonia Dell’Atte claims that she was never in love with Alessandro Lequio

surprising statements of Antonia Dell’Atte about the story of love? that she joined him Alessandro Lequio decades ago. At this point in life and when they are no longer united by the son they had in common, the Italian declares that she was never in love with the current collaborator of the Ana Rosa Quintana program, that at the beginning of their relationship there was a lot of affection, but that faded completely over time. Love, from what she sees, was conspicuous by her absence.

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Antonia and Alessandro were together between 1987 and 1997, and after their breakup we learned that he was having an affair with Ana Obregon. Now he is happily married to Maria Palacios and they are parents of a girl. With Ana he also had a son, Alessdeceased victim of cancer.


As for Antonia, she has not been known as a partner for years. She has known how to hide her relationship very well and the paparazzi have not been able to catch her with another man. Asked Lequio what she thought about the confession of her ex, that she was never in love with her, she limited herself to making a gesture of rejection and kept silent.

Alessandro Lequio and his sons, Aless and Clemente