Angel Reese of LSU is eligible to play against Virginia Tech in a Final Four rematch.

Angel Reese of LSU is eligible to play against Virginia Tech in a Final Four rematch.

Coach Kim Mulkey announced on Wednesday that Angel Reese, a star player for LSU women’s basketball, will be available to participate in the game against No. 9 Virginia Tech on Thursday. For the No. 7 Tigers, Reese has been out of four straight games.

Reese hasn’t appeared on the field since being benched during the subsequent half of LSU’s Nov. 14 victory over Kent State. Mulkey has refrained from going into great detail regarding Reese’s absence.

All-American big Angel Reese, who has missed the last four games with the reigning NCAA champions, will play for the seventh-ranked Tigers during the 2023 Final Four rematch versus the ninth-ranked Hokies, LSU coach Kim Mulkey revealed at a news conference on Wednesday.

Reese, a 6-foot-3 player who won the 2023 Final Four MVP award, is averaging 17.0 points and 10.3 rebounds this season as opposed to her average of 23.0 points and 15.4 rebounds the previous year.
Hence, her comeback will undoubtedly benefit LSU when they play the Hokies and standout center Elizabeth Kitley.

Reese’s return makes sense for LSU, the reigning national champion, and not just because their next matchup is a rerun of the national semifinal from the previous year.

LSU power player Sa’Maya Smith injured his knee two games ago against Niagara in the Cayman Islands Tournament.

Mulkey said on Wednesday that Smith would miss the entire season due to meniscus and ligament injuries in her right knee.

Mulkey remarked, “Time is everything to life, and her injury happened at a very sad time for her because she has come a long way.”

The return of Angel at this time is somewhat helpful, but Sa’Maya’s worth to our team and her contributions thus far cannot be replaced.

Mulkey has only stated that Reese’s absence from the team for the majority of the previous two weeks was due to “locker-room issues,” without providing any further details.

During a press conference, head coach Kim Mulkey of LSU women’s basketball revealed that Reese will start for the Tigers on Thursday when they play Virginia Tech in a 2023 Final Four rematch.

The Tigers are ranked seventh overall. Whether Reese would start or come off the bench was not stated by her.

Reese hasn’t appeared in a game since Mulkey removed her on November 14 during LSU’s victory over Kent State. Mulkey would not provide any details, just stating that it was a “coach’s decision”.

Following that, Reese was unable to attend LSU’s victories on November 17 against Southeastern Louisiana and November 20 against Texas Southern.

After that, Reese missed the Tigers’ flights to the Cayman Islands to play in the Cayman Islands Classic, which cost them victories over Virginia and Niagara.

On November 20, Mulkey equated benching Reese to “disciplining your children,” thus confirming that it was a disciplinary measure. Mulkey added, in passing, that “locker room issues” were the origin of all of this.

Mulkey’s reference to “locker room issues” may be the most accurate statement he has made during this whole situation.

Significant behind-the-scenes turmoil began to surface on social media following Reese’s benching.

A few former LSU players joined the Instagram posting war that was started by the mothers of many players, including Reese.

Star women’s basketball player Angel Reese of LSU Tigers is expected to return to her team after missing their previous four games for unspecified reasons. When her team plays Virginia Tech, she will be available.

Since this is a rematch from the more recent NCAA Final Four, which the Tigers won 79-72, it should be an exciting game.

After LSU defeated Kent State, Mulkey was pressed for an explanation, but she said she “could” and “won’t.” Just a coach made that choice.”

Mulkey addressed Reese’s absence following the team’s victory versus Southeastern Louisiana on November 17 by stating, “It’s very obvious Angel was not in uniform.”

Angel plays for this basketball squad, and we anticipate seeing her as soon as possible. Mulkey said after the Tigers’ Nov. 20 victory over Texas Southern, “You always have to deal with locker room issues.” That is only a component of coaching.

Reese, who won the Most Outstanding Player award at the Final Four the previous year, was absent from the team during its two games against Niagara and Virginia at the Cayman Islands Classic this past weekend.