Turning of tables between Angel Christ Jr y Barbara Rey. It is already the third time that the son of the circus star sits in Friday! to charge against his mother. This Saturday, from Telecinco, they have shown the other side of the coin: an alleged altercation, which Sofía Cristo's brother starred in a nightclub 20 years ago, where Bárbara came to his defense with a checkbook.

As reported from Socialite, the event occurred in a nightclub in Majadahonda (Madrid), when Ángel Cristo Jr was barely 22 years old. Likewise, as witnesses have told the aforementioned space, the actress's first-born son was at the bar of the establishment and behaved in a somewhat strange way. “He was very nervous, crushing a bowl of potatoes so hard that he burst it,” they said.

Thus, and in the words of the witnesses, Ángel Cristo did not calm down and the security personnel forcibly removed him from the premises. Faced with this episode, the DJ's brother “started shouting and saying that they didn't know who he was, that he was the son of Bárbara Rey and Ángel Cristo.”

Far from softening the situation, Bárbara Rey's son sprayed the premises with pepper spray, which caused the evacuation of the premises. As reported by Telecinco.

A few days after the controversial episode, sources from the aforementioned space have indicated that Bárbara Rey approached the area of ​​the altercation to silence her son's argument with a checkbook so that those present would remain silent and not speak to the media.