Ángel Cristo Jr. and drugs: “My mother told us to try the white powder with the tip of our tongue”

The son of Barbara Rey has been the first guest of the new Mediaset program, Fridayand has revealed some of the most traumatic episodes of his life: “My father was a disaster, he left everything scattered and my mother was afraid that we would put something in our mouths. She told us ‘Take a little with your finger and you put it on the tip of your tongue, if it falls asleep, don’t take it, it’s coke and it’s very bad.

Ángel Cristo Jr. has revealed that his house was a true hell: “In La Moraleja, they once had a very strong fight during a meal and my father broke a bottle of wine against the table and all the glass stuck into his hand. “I dragged my mother down the stairs, grabbed her, threw her clothes on the street, ‘I’m going to kill you, whore’ is all I remember from my childhood. The babysitter, Ana, took us to a room to protect us,” he said. remembered. “At first I was afraid that my father would kill my mother, on one occasion he chased her through her house with a gun to kill her, he shot her and her bullet remained embedded in a piece of furniture.”

At school, she suffered harassment: “When my mother did a report and came out naked or almost naked, the children laughed and told me that they jerked off with her photo. That’s not easy.”

“I put orfidal in the bottle”

Furthermore, Bárbara Rey’s first-born son has revealed that his mother medicated him from a very young age: “I was born with a hernia and I cried a lot and didn’t sleep. She told me that she put Orfidal in my bottle to make me quiet. My mother told me medicated all my life because if there was a problem, since she didn’t know where it came from, I solved it that way. The problem was me, not that she wasn’t there or that I missed her. That she did bring money home, but that didn’t is being a mother.” And he adds: “Neither of them was qualified to educate and care for two children.”