Andy and Lucas separate after 20 years on stage: “The adventure ends here”

Bad news for fans of the Cadiz duo, who have decided to end their musical career. The reason is compelling: Lucas’s health. The artist has confessed that he has a heart problem and his specialist has prohibited him from continuing with this pace of life: “I am on my pills and I am stable, but I have to relax. Health comes first and there are many people who love me.” , has said.

His problems began five years ago (he is now 41) with some dizziness: “I took the reins of the company and I am a psychopath about my work. I was not feeling well, I had high blood pressure and they did tests on me. I have a heart problem and without health we are nobody. “We’re going to do a farewell tour.”. He affirms that it has been a difficult but necessary decision: “We don’t know if this is a separation or if we will return in the future. His health comes first,” Andrés said in The Anthill.

Lucas explained: “I feel fine, I take my pills and I’m stable, but I have to reduce stress and we have to reduce it by working less and even taking a break. We have been working non-stop for 20 years. I can lead my normal life but on the last tour the cardiologist told me to slow down a littlebecause that valve doesn’t work as it should and 70 or 80 concerts are a lot for me,” he revealed. “I have a family and some children and I have to think about them.”

The last chords, in 2024

After 20 years on stage, eight albums, three compilations and 20 platinum albums, Andy and Lucas say goodbye with the Last Chords tour. It begins in 2024 and will pass through Cádiz, Seville, Madrid and Barcelona, ​​although they could expand it. “If you want to see us, you already know that this will be the last chance. It has been 20 incredible years but the adventure ends here”Lucas said excitedly.

Afterwards, both will take some time to rest and deal with other businesses: “As for money, things are going very well for us. I invested in the brick, I have several properties, rentals… And in that sense I have no problem,” he said. sleepless.

The reactions on social networks have not been long in coming and the duo has entered the Trending Topic list in a few minutes.