And this impossible selfie of Victoria Federica with dad Marichalar in the bullfights?: damn angular or the GPT Chat…

Victoria Federica is a Super pro in poses to climb into their nets. It drives like a fish in water. This time, the image was not of her hand. The photographer, mobile in hand, is Rafael Ruizfrom Los del Río. The niece of King Felipe VI went to La Maestranza in Seville with her father, Jaime de Marichalar. They both met in the square with the musicians and took this impossible selfie (for Vic).

Attention to the sister of froilan. His extremely long neck is out of proportion and elongates impossibly until his head rests against his father’s shoulder. It is the most affectionate gesture from Vic, who wants to be in the photo, supports dad. The posing of the royal is so strange that one no longer knows if it is an optical effect or an effect of the GPT Chat.

Neighbors of the Marichalar were Los del Río. Antonio Romero and Rafael Ruiz also pose for this impromptu selfie at the Real Maestranza in Seville. Attention also to lookazo of Jaime de Marichalar. For this bullfight by Morante de la Puebla, the former Duke of Lugo was a brush. The suit, tie and pocket square didn’t stand out as much as his tan. Jaime, extremely tanned, much more so than Vic, smiled for the photo. Jaime didn’t say a word about the accident his daughter had at the April Fair when she ran over a young woman with the horse-drawn carriage in which he was riding.