And the Maserati that Isabel Díaz Ayuso wore at the Puerta de Hierro club? Its possible origin is now discovered

Isabel Díaz Ayuso left the members of the Puerta de Hierro Club in Madrid speechless when, one day in June 2022, she entered with an unknown companion. Ayuso arrived aboard a Maserati convertible, a high-end car, who went directly to the front door of the club, instead of using the side parking lots. The president of the Community of Madrid and her friend got out of the vehicle and were greeted by one of the employees, who accompanied them to one of the club’s reserved areas. Now we have learned that her boyfriend, Alberto González, bought a Maserati a year earlier, in 2021, according to information from Cadena Ser, which cites the White and bottled.

Same luxury car and same brand. The times also coincide. The Madrid president’s boyfriend, Alberto González, bought the Maserati, Ghibi model, for around 83,000 euros, according to the station. It is also mentioned that the high-end vehicle was acquired when Ayuso and González were already dating. Furthermore, the car is named after the company Maxwell Cremona.

The car is parked on a property in the Chamberí neighborhood in Madrid, where the president and her boyfriend share an apartment. According to, this home was purchased in July 2022 and is in the name of the healthcare provider. The apartment, of 183 square meters, is valued at 837,893.61 euros. The property has a mortgage of 500,000 euros in the name of the businessman.

This information has come to light in the midst of a media storm about Ayuso after the prosecutor’s office denounced her boyfriend, the health technician Alberto González, for two crimes of tax fraud related to the Corporate Tax for the years 2020 and 2021 of the Maxwell Cremona entity. Engineering (owner of the vehicle) and Processes Society for the Promotion of the Environment SL; and for an alleged crime of falsification of a commercial document. She publishes it

The Tax Agency maintains that for the tax periods included in the year 2020 and 2021, not truthful, “the amount of 155,000 euros for the Corporate Tax for the year 2020 and 195,951.41 euros for the Corporate Tax for the year 2021 in the Public Treasury”.

Pulling the thread of this case, we have also learned that González would have pocketed two million euros in commissions for mediating the purchase and sale of medical supplies during the Covid-19 pandemicaccording to the same newspaper.