Carlo Ancelotti has lived with him Chelsea-Real Madrid the umpteenth European night to frame his legendary career. Her covid has allowed her to live it at the foot of the canyon in extremis, and her presence in her wardrobe, on such important dates, is a detail that she knows how to make a difference.

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

in his book “Calm Leadership”, ‘Carletto’ included some pages in which Cristiano Ronaldo himself describes him. The Portuguese revealed that, on the eve of the most decisive matches, the Italian usually jokes a lot: “He came and told me ‘Cristiano, for you tomorrow there is rest’. I always want to play, everyone knows that, so he would make me angry and ask him why. He continued with the same, and in the end he said: ‘Tomorrow I rest, until three. The match is at four, isn’t it?’ And he laughed…

Photo by Benzema

Before the collision with Chelsea, Ancelotti lived a similar moment with Karim Benzema, Champions hero again with an unforgettable hat-trick. Before entering the Stamford Bridge, the technician and the French had a talk that ended with laughter. He told it himself, before the cameras of ‘Amazon Prime’ from Italy: “When we got off the bus I told him I wasn’t going to play… Because I couldn’t find the accreditation. I had already made the masseur warm up in his place”. the joke of Carletto It didn’t last long and had a happy ending: “Luckily, he found her later.” What happened next is already history.