Ancelotti: “We have the time to prepare City perfectly”


Real Madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti, explained the circumstances that made this Sunday’s victory against Athletic Club a match with little “intensity”, happy with Rodrygo’s two great goals, with time to regain the rhythm and arrive well prepared for the game. cross against Manchester City.

“Militao is one of the best defenders in the world. It is important for us that he has returned. He needs time, but the important thing is that he is with us and that in training he will improve, because we will need him in these games. It is a positive emotion for the entire team,” he said at a press conference at the Santiago Bernabéu.

The Italian coach first valued the return of the defender after his long injury and the good feelings of a team that suffered the national team break but knew how to dose in a match that led 1-0 after eight minutes. Rodrygo was the author of the two goals for a Madrid that responded to the pressure from FC Barcelona at the top of the table.

“He played very well, he made the difference, he gave us the opportunity to go ahead on the scoreboard. He made two high-level plays, with high quality. It’s what Rodrygo does, what he has to do. Now everyone “Everyone can say that he is better on the left, for me he is good in all places. Sometimes he doesn’t get it right like today, it is quite normal for a forward,” he said.

“Being young, he plays with a lot of intensity, sometimes I ask him for a lot of defensive work because he is young and he is not as fresh as he is today in front of goal,” he added about the architect of the victory that maintains the lead’s eight-point lead. Furthermore, Ancelotti’s men continue their good momentum ahead of the Champions League quarter-final match against City, the next game but in 9 days.

“It is good for us to have a week to prepare for the game. Give us rest and then from Wednesday just enough time to prepare for it better. We know City very well, we have also seen today’s game, we are focused on our game, which has to be be different from what we have done today, with more intensity. We have the time to prepare everything perfectly,” he noted.

The Madrid coach explained that his players will arrive in perfect condition, referring to Jude Bellingham who against Athletic accused both games against England. He also said about the Englishman that he has understood that he has to “shut up” against the referees. Furthermore, Ancelotti acknowledged that they will have an advantage over City for these nine days to prepare for the Champions League match.

“It seems to me that they have a more complicated schedule, it is modern football. We have a small advantage, which is not going to determine the result, but we have the necessary time to prepare well and play better. Today we did not play with high intensity because the game I didn’t need it. I liked the management but the intensity has to be higher. After a break it is more difficult to play with high intensity,” he concluded.