Ancelotti: “The Mbappé thing is not the topic of the day for us”


Real Madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti, has assured that the possible signing of Frenchman Kylian Mbappé for the white club is “not” the “topic of the day” for the team, explaining that they are focused on “finishing well” the season, starting for this Sunday's match against Rayo Vallecano who arrives at the event with “extra motivation” after changing coaches and for the need for points.

“I see and I hear. I understand perfectly that it is the topic of the day for you, but not for us, it is tomorrow's game. This season we have to do well and finish it well,” he declared at a press conference. “People can talk. I would like to finish this season well, try to win titles, that's what I like. There is enough time to think about next season,” she added.

Regarding this Sunday's duel, he stated that “Vallecas is always complicated.” “It has been in past years. The game is going to be the same, complicated, against a rival that needs points, who has changed coaches this week, who has extra motivation… We have to bring out our best level because these are moments important things of the season,” he said. “We are aware that it is an important and vital match for our season,” he continued.

In addition, he also valued Brazilian Rodrygo's defensive effort positively. “I value the defensive work of our forwards a lot. Usually, the player who has the most quality is the one who runs the least, and this is not the case with Rodrygo. In recent games, the work of the forwards has been very important to have the clean sheet,” he stressed.

He also praised the work of Frenchman Aurélien Tchouaméni as a center back. “When the center backs return, the role will not be as a center back, but as a pivot. He is showing that he can contribute as a center back perfectly, he is getting used to his new role very quickly, and this shows that he is very intelligent,” he said.

Regarding the replacement of Croatian Luka Modric, he assured that “in the locker room he continues to contribute what he did when he played every game.” “He is a very respected player, an example of how he has to be a professional. He continues to be a reference for the squad,” he said.

“I have discussed this topic with Luka at some point. It is a little more difficult for a player who is used to playing almost every game than others to sit on the bench, I understand it perfectly. Luka's behavior is that of a very professional. seriously, he continues training, he continues fighting to play. He is available and can play any game, including tomorrow's,” he continued, ensuring that his continuity or not is a “quite clear issue” between the club and the player.

Finally, he explained that the Turkish Arda Güler is available, but asks for “patience” for him. “He is fine at the moment. He can play from the beginning, because his physical level is good, but he has to fight with the competition in the team. You have to be patient with him,” he concluded.