Ancelotti: “Self-esteem has grown a lot in recent times”


The coach of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, assured that the “self-esteem” of his players “has grown a lot in recent times” after thrashing Levante (6-0) two weeks before playing the Champions League final against Liverpool in Paris, a “good sign” to continue gaining confidence in search of the fourteenth European Cup.

“We got to the final in good shape because self-esteem has grown a lot in recent times. We have this challenge of playing in the final, we’ve won the league and now there’s a lack of time, but we have to have the intensity and commitment to do so. Today the team has given very good signs in this sense because he has worked very well on the pitch”, he analyzed after the win against Levante, whom he wished would be promoted again soon.

“Before I start, I have to say that today is a sad day for Levante and I want to send a message of support to their coach Alessio, who is Italian, and to the club. I am convinced that they will return to the First Division soon,” Ancelotti added. before being asked about Vinicius and Benzema.

“They have done very well, combining tonight as they have done throughout the season. The merit (of theirs) is for a job that the team does so that they can show their quality. Time has also helped the two find each other and they understand each other very well in this sense”, commented the one from Reggiolo.

Regarding the change in goal, Ancelotti revealed that “Lunin is going to play against Cádiz and Courtois against Betis” and that the system he will use in the final in Paris will be 4-3-3, although he quickly changed his mind. “But sometimes you can go to 4-4-2, I think there is no defined system.”

“Sometimes to put pressure on the pivot, as we did against City, we started with this system and after half an hour I put Modric to control Rodri and we went to a 4-1-4-1, but the idea doesn’t change much. It changes a little the way of defending but it also depends on how we want to put pressure on the rival”, added the merengue coach.

About Valverde he was full of praise. “The Valverde of recent times is the Valverde who shows his qualities on the pitch. He has an incredible shot and he has to enjoy it. Whenever he gets a chance he has to shoot on goal. And then this verticality with the ball is something rare in football. of today in a midfield player”, indicated.

“Am I in a rush to choose the eleven? Rodrygo or Valverde? They don’t put me in a bind, I think they’re both going to play in the final, by the way,” said Ancelotti, who denied considering himself “the best coach in Europe.”

“It is very difficult to answer this, I do not like to give myself votes, that others give them to me. I like this moment because I am living a happy moment in my professional career and I hope that I can continue for a long time. Let’s go to give everything to achieve that goal and in Europe, by the way, there are very good coaches”, he concluded.