Ancelotti: “Let it be clear: Vinícius is the victim, he is not the culprit”

The technician affirms that the racism protocol “is obsolete”: “Condemning is not enough, we must act”

He apologizes to the Valencia fans: “There were not 46,000 people, but a group that behaved very badly”


The Real Madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti, wanted to make it “clear” on Tuesday that his player Vinícius Júnior “is the victim and not the culprit” of the racist insults, which “are not isolated”, that he received in the last meeting at Mestalla , for which he criticized the “obsolete” protocol of racism and asked the institutions to “act”, since “condemning is not enough.”

“We are worried about what has happened, like everyone else. It is fair and correct to talk about it, it could be a great opportunity to improve things very quickly. Vinícius is a bit sad, he did not train today due to a knee problem We are waiting for the sanction that it may have, another debate could also be opened there…”, the Italian started in the preview of the duel this Wednesday (7:30 p.m.) against Rayo Vallecano.

During an appearance in which Vinícius and racist insults were the only protagonists, Ancelotti lamented that Vinícius is “a victim who is sometimes considered guilty, because they say that he provokes with his attitude.” “But let’s be clear: he is the victim of all this. The victims are also the fans who behave impeccably,” he recalled.

“And when I said the Mestalla stadium, I don’t mean 46,000 people, I mean a group that has behaved very badly, like in Mallorca or Valladolid. There weren’t 46,000, there I apologize, but there aren’t one or two,” he insisted. the coach, who apologized for referring to the entire ‘ché’ stadium this Sunday when criticizing the racist insults against Vinícius.

Thus, the Italian coach pointed out that “it is already customary to insult” in sports venues, and he agreed “with what Xavi Hernández said.” “It was exemplary. Why do we have the habit of insulting in football? Why did they call him stupid? It’s not a racial insult, but it is an insult”, he supported the words of the Barca coach defending the Carioca striker.

“This has to stop, because we are tired of being insulted every day. Behind the bench they tell you everything: son of a bitch, faggot, let your father or mother die… This is not a war, it is a I hope the institutions are clear, also LaLiga, the RFEF and the referees. I also say that Spain is not racist, but there is racism in Spain, as in other places, it has to end,” he said emphatically.


“Condemning is not enough, that has been happening for a long time. After condemning you have to act and they still haven’t done it. There are countries where they don’t insult you, like England. They resolved this issue there for a long time, when in 1995 they were expelled of the European competitions. There are no police there. Here it seems that you are going to war, you have a van in front of you, next to you, on the other side. In England they have resolved it long before by taking drastic measures,” he added, comparing the situation with the environment in the stadiums of the Premier.

For this reason, he charged against an “obsolete” racism protocol that “they should have applied when the bus arrives”, when Vinícius already suffered racist insults. “Those who say he provokes, it ends there, when the bus arrives. They seemed to be isolated cases, that’s what a Valencia player said. Vinícius is not a provocateur. If you apply the protocol in the 70th minute, you’ve made a mistake”, he criticized.

“I thought about saying that we were leaving the field, but he told me that he wanted to continue. But it’s a personal and individual decision that can be made. In the future I may have the responsibility of removing the player or the team, but hopefully I don’t have to I don’t want to get to this drastic situation. There is a judge on the field who has this type of responsibility”, he commented on the possibility of leaving the field in these situations.

“Everything is allowed in football stadiums. They see Vinícius as an enemy, it may happen that you are a sports enemy, but that there are insults is something else. It is an important moment to take drastic measures, the institutions have an opportunity, with the hot topic, to take important measures to improve the situation”, stressed the Italian.

Ancelotti wanted “something to happen” to “turn this situation around, which is very bad for everyone.” “We all love football, we hope it is as clean as possible. Taking measures is normal, that’s why I look at the RFEF and LaLiga. I look at the intelligence and education of each one,” he addressed the Spanish sports institutions.

In addition, he referred to a possible “manipulation” of the images that De Burgos Bengoetxea saw to expel Vinícius, when he got away from Hugo Duro, who was grabbing him by the neck. “In Valencia something happened that should not happen, they forgot to put images. Manipulating an image is quite serious, I don’t know if it was like that or they forgot to put the images. Vinícius was attacked by the goalkeeper and Hugo Duro, and if you suffer an attack, you have to defend yourself”, supported the carioca in his reaction.

Finally, he assured that Vinícius “will not leave” Real Madrid, a club he “loves” and with which he is “in love”. “His love for the club is great, he wants to be a protagonist in this team. He knows very well that his future has to be here. What he feels is that he wants to work and play for Real Madrid. He has not lost the illusion of playing for Spain, if you have two games of sanction, I will give you a week of vacation,” he settled.