Ancelotti: “I’m not surprised by what Bellingham does, he is serious and very professional”

“Vinícius will recover before the six weeks they have said”


The Real Madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti, has assured that he is “not” surprised by the performance that the Englishman Jude Bellingham is having at the start of the season, since he is a “very serious and very professional” player, in addition to confirming that Vinícius , who will miss again this Sunday’s game against Real Sociedad, is recovering well from his injury and will return “before the six weeks they have said.”

“Bellingham should be evaluated right now for what he does on the field. He’s doing well. It may be that he wasn’t well known because he played in the German league and didn’t have the role he has now; now he plays in a major league, in an important club, and he is doing very well. It does not surprise me, he is a player who is very focused, he is very serious and very professional, he is not a player who can lose his mind if someone speaks well of him,” he declared in Press conference.

In this sense, he highlighted the offensive potential of the English international, author of five of the white goals so far. “We have noticed that in the games he played with Dortmund he had the ability to arrive at the rival area on time and be dangerous. We talked about it in the preseason, he feels good there and he is a player who has a lot of continuity and an important physique. “How many goals can he reach? I don’t know. He has to continue with this continuity because it helps us a lot in the attacking game,” he indicated.

“Usually, the good, important player with personality suffers less than the others. The player who has personality, more than quality, allows you to not be burdened by a shirt as important as Real Madrid’s,” he continued.

Regarding the international players, Ancelotti explained that they have all returned “well” from their training camps, “with more desire and more enthusiasm.” “They have scored goals, they have played good games. They have all returned in good condition,” he said, before revealing that Vinícius is not yet available, without announcing when he will return.

“I don’t know the specific day, but he is recovering very well. We don’t want to force his recovery, but the scar is almost recovered. The workload is increasing and I think that next week he will start doing some of the work with the team. I think he will recover before the six weeks that they have said,” he stressed.

Asked about the absence of the Brazilian from the candidates for The Best, the Italian coach responded with irony. “The other day I saw him crying in the locker room and I told him ‘what happened to you?’ ‘They didn’t put me on the list,’ and I told him ‘I understand perfectly’… He was very sad, he cried three or four hours, we haven’t been able to stop him,” he joked.

On the other hand, he confirmed that Dani Ceballos will be in the squad, to which Ferland Mendy has not yet returned. “Ceballos will be in the squad and Mendy will not, he has to follow his plan, he is still not 100%. He is a player who has had a lot of problems and we want to get him in when he is ready; I think he will be in the squad on Wednesday,” he said.

In another order of things, the one from Reggiolo analyzed the role that this season has in store for the Croatian Luka Modric. “We all agreed to renew Luka, he was delighted and so were we. Afterwards, his role changed, because he has only started one game, but he will have more prominence. He will always continue to be important, also this year. I have talked about this topic with him,” he confessed.

“He had to hold on a little longer, I have tried to give more prominence to the young people to see what they can contribute, and they have done well. I don’t need to give minutes to Modric or Kroos to see what they can contribute, I know what they can contribute. perfectly, and they are going to contribute it this year as well, even if it is with fewer minutes than last year. There are extraordinary players behind,” he continued.

On the other hand, he analyzed the performance of ‘txuri urdin’ Take Kubo, former Madrid player. “Kubo is doing well, he has made a lot of progress. He is a player we have to keep an eye on because he has scored goals at the beginning of the season. Real Sociedad is a complete team, which plays very good football, very well organized. We have to look to the team in general,” he noted.

Finally, Ancelotti refused to talk about the controversy with several white youth players over the disclosure of a sexual video. “I refer to the club’s statement, I have nothing to add on this issue,” he said, ending by talking about Raúl González Blanco. “Raúl is with us every day, he is the coach of Castilla. It is quite normal to have communication with him, because in this period we need many players from the quarry. We have daily communication, but I have not spoken with him about his future” , he concluded.