Ancelotti and Calvert-Lewin, first kings of the Premier

Everton have seen their clean start to the Premier League rewarded, where he already adds twelve points for his full four wins. The competition has awarded this feat with the two awards for best player and best coach of the first month of competition. The technician, of course, is Carlo Ancelotti. The player, Calvert-Lewin, who won the vote over James Rodríguez.

Everton Shield / Flag

'Carletto' thanked his players for the effort that has led him to be crowned the best of September: “I am delighted with the award. It is a great achievement. I want to share it with my team and my players. We have started the season very well and I hope to continue in this way and win it more times. “However, he did not make his debut as a winner in this category. He had not received the award, of course, since 2011. At that time, he won it four times leading Chelsea.

For his part. Carvert-Lewin took the honors, thanks to their monumental scoring numbers at the start. The young English forward already has six goals and shares the top scorer with Son. Perhaps his effectiveness is what has made him prevail over James Rodríguez, also nominated. The ex-madridista takes the baton of Everton And, even, he is more successful in the face of goal than what he showed in Spain: he accumulates three goals and two assists. If you continue at this rate, like your team, more accolades will come. At the moment, lead and two out of two in recognition.